12 Things You Must Know About Marketing to Millennial Generation Consumers

12 Things You Must Know About Marketing to Millennial Generation Consumers

The very word strikes fear in the heart of marketing managers and analysts alike. Millennials consumers, ages 21-34, one third of whom hold college degrees, making them the most educated generation in the history of this country and 85 percent of whom own smartphones which they use them at least 45 times a day are […]

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Why it is necessary to shift from Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel retailing Experience?

Customers reach out to organizations and businesses in a variety of ways today, including text, web, mobile, social media, email, and phone. Businesses that provide customer service on all of these channels in an integrated way, rather than in silos, deliver the consistent experience consumers crave. Multi-channel retail experiences simply imply the use of multiple channels when delivering customer experience. Omni-channel experiences, especially in retail, offer seamless consistency across channels.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce – How to Create Your Own Success Story

Creating that story, the one in which your customers feel important and well taken care of is going to take a lot of work. Today, it’s not enough to have great phone support but limited email resources. Likewise, having on site-support in the form of a self-service widget is great, but if your social media channels are unable to provide the correct level of support, you’ll hear about it from your customers - and it won't be pretty.

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“Inside-Out” or “Outside-In”: How Centricity Differs from a Customer Focused Approach

How not to confuse Customer Centric and Customer Focused Approaches

If you’re involved in customer relationship management and the culture of customer experience, then you’re probably familiar with many of the various approaches and philosophies of how a business could or should interact with its customers. The lines between many of these approaches are blurred and […]

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4 Examples of Successful Businesses Following a Customer-Centric Model

Guess what top companies worldwide all have in common?

Whether they’re service, manufacturing, or merchandising businesses, the most important shared element between them – a customer-centric model.

As companies transition from product-oriented to customer oriented, this process entails complete organizational planning and a long-term commitment to consistency.  The payoffs, which equal profits, often include one or all […]

7 Things You Need for a Successful Customer-Centric Strategy

It's easy to talk the customer-centric talk and walk the customer-centric walk but in today’s transparency obsessed marketplace, it’s going to take a lot more than that to convince your customers that you are in it for them. Your customers today are savvy and connected - and they know the difference between genuine commitment and hopping on a bandwagon.

4 Tips for Adopting a Customer Centric Approach in Your Organization

The business-customer relationship has shifted greatly over the last 20 years. The proliferation of technology has made such an impact that it has changed and is continuously changing the way we communicate, interact, and conduct business with organizations and the brands they represent.

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Why Customer Journey Mapping Should be Relevant to You

The amount of data that most large organizations are able to compile on their clients is mind boggling. These large chunks of information and analytics, often including Big Data, can provide organizations with an incredible amount of useful statistics and indicators that help them to measure performance and predict trends.

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Customer Journey Touchpoint Analysis

Whether by default or by design, every company provides a customer experience. It’s unavoidable because, as sensory beings, we experience our interactions and the interactions we have with businesses are no different. The quality of those experiences when interacting with businesses is determined by a number of factors. Of the more important factors, how and where we interact with businesses greatly influences the type of customer experiences we have.

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83 Experts Share Tips for the ‘Age of the Customer’

Today, we’re in what many experts have dubbed the ‘Age of the Customer,’ an era in which customer centricity is the key to success. Today’s consumers are savvy and they have been conditioned to expect, not only immediate gratification, but also exceptional customer support – both throughout the buying process and after the purchase.

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