Empowering customers to act

Our self-service tools empower your customers with the answers they need to make a purchase or complete their goals.

Across mobile, websites and Facebook, our contextual-predictive algorithms get smarter with every question asked, boosting satisfaction & conversions.



Your Digital Customer Assistant

Make it easier for customers to complete their online goals, whether they are looking for information, shopping online or seeking assistance. nanorep's digital customer assistant allows your organization to provide a more effective and better customer service experience with contextual answers via your web, mobile and Facebook channels.

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Better BI & Customer Analytics

Get valuable intelligence that allows your company to make better business decisions and proactively adjust according to trends and your actual customer needs.

nanorep's Customer Analytics allow you to monitor your support team performance and optimize it.

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Intelligent Customer Support Agent Tools

Give your agents the smart and efficient tools to perform better and provide consistently high quality service.

nanorep provides agents with simple but powerful predictive and contextual technology within their everyday ticket systems and chat tools.

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