"nanoRep tripled our product pages' conversion rates by automatically offering relevant answers and FAQs per each product"
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nanoRep Product Q&A Widget

nanoRep Product Q&A Widget gives your customers the most accurate and relevant product information by instantly answering a question and exposing relevant questions and answers on each product, so serious shoppers don't need to leave your product pages or wait for an agent to get answers.

Help Your Customers Get Answers and Prevent Abandonment

Offering accurate web self-service tools on each product page improves customer experience and increases sales. Easy and seamless access to information as well instant answers to customer Q&A is extremely important on eCommerce sites in order to keep your shoppers engaged and preventing website and shopping cart abandonment.

So, nanoRep Product Q&A Widget significantly enhances customer engagement and eliminates shoppers' uncertainties which raises the chances your online visitors will convert or proceed to check out and buy your products.

Product Q&A Widget

Smartly Leverage Your Customers' Product Questions to Increase Sales

  • Automatically update your product questions and answers and FAQs based on actual customers' needs.
  • Quickly grow your product Q&A lists by constantly learning questions and answers from various channels.
  • Suggest new product questions and answers based on what your customers really want to know.
  • Easily manage product Q&A regardless of your catalog size with designated Knowledge Base Software.
  • Gain valuable business intelligence on your customers questions and answers, searches, trends and interests which allows you to optimize your eCommerce site.