Online Support Ticketing System 

Support Ticketing System That Improves Efficiency

* Integration with most 3rd party ticketing systems (including SalesForce) is possible.

Utilizing the unique self-learning properties of nanorep support ticket system provides users with a wholly-intuitive experience. Built for efficiency with a clear UI, the nanorep ticketing system will help you increase your customer support software performance, increase online engagement, and provide a better Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for your customers by automatically adapting to the web self-service support and help desk answers you provide in real time. Our Unified Inbox shows you all tickets received by email and our widgets, and displays all new, unopened tickets for you to view and manage.

Real-time answer suggestions to agents - nanorep's digital customer assistant automatically learns to suggest answers, which agents can send to your customers in a single click. You can answer open tickets either by creating a new answer or by using existing answers nanorep has already learned. Each ticket will show you the entire correspondence with your user.
Conversation Tracking & Full Email Cycle - nanorep automatically tracks tickets and conversations, making sure you always have all the information you need while reviewing an incoming ticket.
Assign and Label Tickets - You can easily assign any work item (or group of items) to one or more representatives, and easily track which items have been assigned to which users. Notifications in the support ticket system show current assignments for each open ticket. It's also possible to review all the open tickets being handled by each representative.

Queue Management

nanorep’s digital customer assistant provides full queue-management functionality to any viewable list of tickets, including the inbox, labels, assigned tickets, and even search results. This allows for collaborations with multiple representatives working together on the same queue.

Opened tickets display which user currently has the ticket open, and updates the status in real-time.

Business Rules

nanorep's digital customer assistant's Rule-Engine™ allows you to add your business logic into the help desk software. By providing a variety of triggers, conditions and actions, the Rule-Engine™ allows you to tailor your ticketing system to your needs, allowing you to control labelsassignment to users, sending auto-responders and alert emails, and of course to increase online sales.

For example, here are some rules that can be easily added:

  • Send out auto-responders to your incoming emails
  • Assign incoming tickets to specific agents and departments based on incoming ticket contents, subject, etc.
  • Send alerts when tickets are assigned to users, or change their status
  • Close or reopen tickets based on activity

Full Tickets History

Displays the entire ticket history, by all agents, whether they are open or closed. Businesses can review the entire history of tickets including search by email, and free text search. Easily review the history of tickets answered by representative with a single click.

Knowledgebase Management

After answering a ticket you can recommend adding the answer to the Knowledge base software or Publishing Center. Answers may contain rich content such as links, images, files attachments, comments, etc.


Add comments to your tickets at any time, viewable by other representatives but not your customers. Comments are stored chronologically within the ticket correspondence, allowing you to easily understand the relevancy of a comment in the ticket conversation thread.

Ticket Tracking

Easily track tickets by status and manually create tickets from the agent interface to move a phone conversation or any other interaction into a trackable ticket. Continue correspondences, or set to 'silent' to only be used internally by your users.

Case Management

Case management allows more advanced knowledgebase structuring by adding links within your knowledge base Q&As, and creating advanced structures like troubleshooting scenarios very easily.

nanorep's digital customer assistant provides a view of live links to and from a certain KB answer, allowing you to view and navigate between the linked answers, making changes as you go. This gives you a clear understanding of your knowledgebase structure and an excellent tool for building and maintaining your linked answers.