Online Support Ticketing System

From the first interaction and throughout the service process, nanorep’s online support ticketing system provides a total view the customer, tracking engagements from onset to resolution.

As part of our digital experience guidance solution, nanorep supplies an advanced support ticketing system to deliver efficiency and accountability to your customer service experience. The complementary online ticketing system works in tandem with our self-service interface and analytics console to provide a complete view of the customer experience, enabling improved performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Online Support Ticketing System for Consistent, Seamless Service Experiences

Throughout the resolution process, nanorep automatically tracks tickets and conversations, making sure you always have the information you need while reviewing an incoming ticket. Each ticket provides agents with the complete history of the engagement process between your company and the customer.

Agents can easily assign and label support tickets to one or more team members with a clear view of which items have been assigned to which users. Tickets can be filtered and viewed by representative or and can be configured to provide notifications on current assignments for each open ticket.

Track and monitor tickets by status and manually create tickets from the agent interface. The system's flexibility allows for a phone conversation or any other interaction to be easily converted into a trackable ticket.

Open API for Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Many businesses have incumbent systems in place that serve a variety of purposes within their organizations. For these businesses, it is often a top requirement that any new deployment work seamlessly with existing systems.

Designed with agility and performance in mind, nanorep integrates seamlessly with the technology that powers businesses. Our open API allows for flawless integration with virtually any CRM, ticketing system or support software, allowing businesses to easily relay information between existing systems and nanorep.

To learn more about our most popular use cases, please visit our integration pages: