Web Self-Service

Customers want to serve themselves and find information on their own, so why not make it as easy as possible?

nanorep’s digital self-service solution delivers personalized digital guidance experiences that meet customer expectations.

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Engage Customers on Any Page

Keep customers engaged and focused with immediate responses, relevant to the page they’re on.

Product FAQ

Boost Product Page Conversion Rates

Giving your customers the most accurate and relevant product information is extremely important and being able to provide it immediately and without leaving the page can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rates.

  • nanorep’s self-service solution understands context and your customers’ intent, allowing you to automatically provide accurate product specific answers that can also include product catalog attributes.
  • By delivering immediate responses to customer queries and providing personalized digital guidance at their moment of need, nanorep reduces shopping cart abandonment and inbound volume for contact centers.
  • Conversion rates – immediately build confidence and eliminate confusion.