Seamless Integration with Any CRM Software

Turn Your Live Agents Into Experts

nanorep's digital customer assistant aggregates questions from multiple channels through web self-service support tools to provide immediate customer service while deflecting the repetitive questions. Among those incoming questions and interactions nanorep extracts and escalates the high-value questions to live agents, so they can use their time and expertise more efficiently.

Automatically Direct High-Value Customers to a Live Chat Agent

nanorep identifies and can automatically escalate the more valuable questions to agents via live chat or email. A question can be forwarded to a live chat support agent, transferred to nanorep's Ticket System or any third-party ticketing system. Once a chat session has ended, customers can export it to email directly from nanorep’s widget. Submission via ticketing software can be done by clicking the email icon at the bottom of the widget.

Combine Self-Service & Live Agents for Superb Service

The value of transferring fewer calls and repetitive questions to live agents is enormous. Since lower priority emails and web inquiries will be deflected and answered automatically by our self-service widgets, your live agents can be more productive and effective in resolving the serious issues and making sales.

Integrating your live chat service with nanorep can deflect about 60% of chat conversations providing instant, automatic resolutions instead. This allows you to concentrate on high-value chats and to spend much more time on serious shoppers and issues - thus, providing excellent customer service experience more efficiently.

Faster handle-time and FCR

By instantly suggesting answers for visitors and agents to repetitive questions during chat sessions, handle-time is reduced and first call resolution is increased.

Escalation of high-value chats

By allowing customers to tag selected questions in the nanorep knowledge base, “high value” questions will automatically be escalated to live chat with an agent.

Key Features

Skill-based escalation

Chats are automatically directed to an appropriately skilled agent based on the visitor's questions and currently viewed web page.

Advanced ticketing capabilities

Queries can be transferred to a built-in ticketing system or to a third-party ticketing system when chat support is closed or agents are unavailable.