Scalable Support Tools Can Help Any Company

Whatever your industry, nanorep will improve the efficiency of your support, marketing and sales teams while reducing costs. nanorep improves online customer service experience by instantly providing answers to your users so they don’t have to wait or navigate away from the current page they are on, thereby increasing engagement and conversion and saving you time and money on customer service.

Through our innovative technology and self-service approach, nanorep delivers top notch scalable support solutions for today’s online businesses across a broad range of industries.

Internet Retail

nanorep provides a perfect solution for preventing page/cart abandonment and increasing conversion by proactively providing customers with relevant information and instant answers. nanorep’s intelligent solution provides seamless scalability and enormous value for retail and eCommerce businesses; thus saving the costs and effort of hiring temporary employees during the seasonal peaks.
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Software & Web Services

If you are selling software or web services, nanorep can help your business. nanorep will reduce your customer support escalations and increase your online engagement and conversion rate while improving the quality of your customer service.  SaaS companies can also add nanorep to their web application, providing instant, self-service support right from there.
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Travel & Hospitality

nanorep benefits tourism businesses by accurately answering customers instantly and serves as an index to sites’ destination landing pages. It will also answer any question they may have along the booking process. It is recommended to enable customers to escalate their questions either through chat or by email to increase the online sales conversion rate. When integrated with live chat, nanorep will reduce “chat abuse” while increasing your chat efficiency.

Business, Financial and Insurance Services

Companies providing business, financial or insurance services over the Internet can benefit from nanorep. nanorep is your best customer-support solution, reducing your support escalation and increasing your online revenue while raising website conversion and your customers’ satisfaction.

Telecom & Media

Telecommunication businesses with large customer support departments receive many benefits from nanorep’s scalable support solution. nanorep will learn your reps’ written answers to customers and prospects and use these answers intelligently for answering similar questions by others. Consequently, nanorep will reduce your escalation and the associated support costs while providing an excellent customer experience.


Universities, colleges and other e-learning customer support operations can benefit from using nanorep.  nanorep will improve your customer-support response quality while reducing the escalation to your support team. nanorep will adapt its answer rate during registration periods for answering the increased volume of questions with no need to temporarily increase your customer-support team.