"Due to nanoRep we were able to reduce the number of questions answered by humans by 70% and have our agents deal with 6 times less inquiries per day"
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Customer Service

Improve Online Customer Servic

Improve Online Customer Service

nanoRep’s customer service software allows you to cost effectively provide better online customer service. The various support widgets available through different channels help you providing exceptional support and experience to your online customers with easy and instant access to information in real-time.

Since nanoRep reduces overall human intervention with incoming inquiries and tickets by up to 80%, it helps to dramatically reduce call-center and overall customer support costs while increasing scalability to upscale.

Enhance Your Online Customer Experience:

  • Help your online customers easily find exactly what they want and need.
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction with accurate instant answers to any customer question.
  • Allow customers to engage via desktop, tablets or mobile devices.
  • Provide immediate respond to customers' questions.
  • Reduce waiting times for live agents and resolution time.
  • Let your customers choose their preferred channel.

Efficiently Manage Your Customer Support:

  • Deflect low-value and time consuming inquiries with automated first-line support software.
  • Significantly reduce your cost per inquiry.
  • Increase your agents' productivity by deflecting all repetitive questions.
  • Rapidly build your Q&A knowledge base with a learning knowledge base.
  • Decrease support costs and allow flexibilty to upscale or downscale.