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Nov 21 2011

virtual agent services

Occasionally a query would come up regarding the difference between nanorep and virtual-agent services. First of all, nanorep is a multi-channel support suite. It has several components, including the self-learning knowledge base, ticket-management system software, comprehensive analytics system, troubleshooting and automated answers while virtual agent services is an automated answers solution based on limited, pre-prepared Q&A and FAQ.

  nanorep Virtual Agent
Deflection and accuracy of first answer 90%
deflection of emails, web inquiries and chat abuse of all your repetitive questions
deflection of emails, web inquiries and chat abuse of all your repetitive questions
Call reduction Adaptive
The more Q&A nanorep learns the higher call reduction by nanorep & chat
Flat call reduction
Suggesting answer to chat agent Yes No
Answers response time Real time 5-7 seconds
Cost per answer $0.05 $1
Knowledge Base
Type of questions Real customers questions Predefined questions
Answer Aggregation Self-learning Pre-programming.
6-8 week process to learn & add new content
Estimated number of Q&A Many thousands Few Hundreds
Troubleshooting Immediate updating of Q&A trees Long process to update a Q&A tree
Best match SMB and Enterprise Enterprise


nanorep Varies Greatly from Virtual Agent Services

As portrayed in the table, the solution provides a completely different experience for both the customers and the hosting company.

Customer Experience

On the customer's side: if we break it down, we can see, for example, that nanorep instantly answers each question, while virtual agents use Q&A trees, forcing it to collect enough information before answering. And thanks to nanorep’s self-learning software, the customers receive immediate answers, to their specific questions, phrased in their own words, and without any further work needed from the hosting company. The Q&A database can hold thousands of items, solving up to 90% of routinely asked questions -- a far cry from approximately 50% from Q&As of “pseudo” questions with virtual agents.

Hosting Company Experience

This leads us to the hosting company’s side, which benefits greatly, from the reduced customer-support costs and support escalation alongside greater customer satisfaction. Also beneficial to the company is nanorep’s website conversion of users. Until it converts the user, nanorep instantly answers any number of questions, while the virtual agent’s limited number of “pseudo” questions does not convert. Also, nanorep fits both small businesses and enterprise firms, while the high price tag on virtual agents places it in the large, enterprise-market segment only.  
Compared to virtual-agent services, nanorep offers a complete, extensive solution for a pleasant and effective customer support experience, while fostering, without the regular, expanding support costs, rapid growth for businesses.

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