Customer Self Service Solution_

Today, your customers demand a customer service experience that is immediate, personalized, and anticipates their needs.
Nanorep empowers customers and internal service agents with an intelligent, effortless, intuitive self-service solution.

Nanorep is an innovative provider of self-service, virtual assistants, and smart bot solutions for customer service and e-commerce.
Nanorep harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities combined with patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to create ready-to-use solutions that make self-service engaging and intuitive for a conversational experience.

Customers expect outstanding, interconnected support and guidance across all touch-points throughout a brand’s entire digital landscape. Customers are interacting with brands using a number of different platforms, and expect fluid transitions and continuous service. With the powerful live analytics and machine learning capabilities of Nanorep’s robust self-service solution, customers get the benefit of real-time in-journey assistance, and businesses gain the right insights to continuously optimize their content and customer service processes.

Nanorep’s integrated solution is agile, easy to implement, easy to configure, and easy to manage.

Whether deployed as a self-service widget, on your support pages, in your agents’ console, via mobile, social media or web, Nanorep’s self-service solution delivers several benefits at each and every touchpoint.

The Nanorep Advantage_

for your customers

  • Assisted self-service support across all touch points, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • ƒPersonalized answers, engaging conversational support – customers can freely express their needs in almost any language and have their intent and context understood.
  • In-journey support reaches customers in their natural environments – including Facebook and messaging platforms.
  • Seamless transition to the right assistance channel based on customer profile, inquiry, and context, Nanorep can promote a variety of human enabled channels.

For customer experience leaders

  • Better understand your customer needs, identify gaps in the customer experience and take actions to address them and improve content using VoC analytics.
  • Refer to Nanorep’s Dashboard to analyze, categorize, and easily update and enrich your company’s knowledge base at scale and in real-time.
  • Anticipate customer needs and reveal possibilities to enhance their experience.

For customer support leaders

  • Deflect strategically to focus your agents on high value/ complex interactions and reduce contact volume, improving efficiency and increasing. customer satisfaction.
  • Empower your agents with agent-facing self-service that makes knowledge accessible to them so that they can find answers faster using natural language.