Author: Liad Stein

Liad is the Content & Community Manager at Nanorep. Dedicated to the principle of openly sharing thoughts and ideas, he is passionate about global communication, especially in the social sphere.
30 Jun 2016

“Inside-Out” or “Outside-In”: How Centricity Differs from a Customer Focused Approach

How not to confuse Customer Centric and Customer Focused Approaches If you’re involved in customer relationship management and the culture of customer experience, then you’re probably familiar with many of the various approaches and philosophies of how a business could or should interact with its customers. The lines between many of these approaches are blurred [...]
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28 Jun 2016

4 Examples of Successful Businesses Following a Customer-Centric Model

Guess what top companies worldwide all have in common? Whether they're service, manufacturing, or merchandising businesses, the most important shared element between them - a customer-centric model. As companies transition from product-oriented to customer oriented, this process entails complete organizational planning and a long-term commitment to consistency.  The payoffs, which equal profits, often include one [...]
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28 Apr 2016

Mobile Tools for Better Customer Experience

With the whole world going mobile, and omni channel retail solutions being all the rage, it’s important for businesses to cater to every aspect of a customer’s mobile experience. From adopting mobile marketing strategies to optimizing your website for mobile use to streamlining mobile customer service, there are a lot of ways to offer customer support and enhance customer service through mobile solutions. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of best-in-class tools to keep your mobile customers engaged:

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18 Feb 2016

E-Commerce Customer Experience: 50 Examples of Great CX

Think about the last time you shopped online. Was there a certain site you chose because it made the shopping experience so seamless? Was there a site that frustrated you that you chose another site to make your purchase? Great customer experience can make or break an online shopping experience, and ecommerce sites that offer great customer experiences are leaving those that frustrate customers in the dust.

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11 Feb 2016

An Open Letter to Adobe

Adobe’s incredible history of innovation cannot be denied or ignored. Having started off designing fonts, the founders of Adobe quickly rose to create some of the most utilized creativity software the world has ever known. Adobe has become synonymous with design and creativity and sits atop their perch without much competition in a variety of software applications. Their support, however, leaves something to be desired and so I’ve prepared an open letter to let them know how I feel:

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26 Jan 2016

50 Best Customer Service Blogs/Resources

We’ve rounded up some of the best blogs and online resources in customer service from top executives and thought leaders, to help you reach your customer service goals in 2016. These are our top picks for customer service blog posts, eBooks, white papers, infographics, videos, and webinars where experts share experiences, proven strategies, and tips for improving your customer service and delivering exceptional customer experience.

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