Author: Ryan Lester

Director, Customer Engagement Technologies, LogMeIn
07 Sep 2017

Avoiding a Customer Experience Black Mark

When it comes to customer experience, brands are most often put to the test during a crisis.  Whether it’s a tech glitch like Samsung’s recent smart TV crash or issues with seat selection at JetBlue, every company has a bad day now and again.  Whether it’s a big issue or a relatively small one, support […]

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31 Aug 2017

Inside the Mind of a Modern Bot

Chatbots are becoming the cornerstone for many customer engagement strategies.  The reason being is that chatbots are efficient, becoming more effective by the day, and help take some of the strain off the customer service team.  It’s the effective part I’d like to dig into. Chatbots have been around for some time, but their ability […]

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