Personalized, effective engagements
that create loyalty

Accurate and immediate delivery of information to your customers is a key factor to a successful online business, especially in the competitive and price sensitive travel and hospitality industry.

In a market driven by low customer loyalty, effective engagements and great customer experiences are critical to ensuring your visitors book their next trip or vacation on your website. Nanorep is designed exactly for this, offering the self-service experience that customers seek, with the benefit of personalized and actionable yet automatic responses.

Nanorep provides the information that your customers wish for, offering easy access to knowledge anytime and anywhere. Our digital self-service solution allows more efficient allocation of both your agents’ and your support channels time, leading to significant reduction of unnecessary repetition that drives your agents to be more effective, while automatically applying the most cost-effective channel according to your changing sales requirements. With Nanorep, your representative is able to concurrently manage thousands of hotels, flights or vacation packages with ease. The results are greater customer satisfaction due to better and faster responses while at the same time reducing resources and costs.

With Nanorep, your admin is able to concurrently manage thousands of hotels, flights or vacation packages with ease

Better Service for the Right Cost

will abandon their online order if cannot find a quick answer
prefer self-service over speaking to a representative
  • yatra
  • elal

“We have a set of insights now, that for 12 years I have searched for, and no one other than Nanorep has given this to us.”

Paul Hopkins
Head of Customer Experience, ThomasCook

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