Personalized self-service

Day or night, your utilities customers demand excellent customer service with ultra-fast response times. And whether they engage you via web self-service, email, mobile or social media, utilities customers expect personalized service that is easy to access and use.

As utilities providers compete for operational excellence and market share under regulatory requirements, Nanorep delivers the benefits of immediate personalized self-service. At the same time, Nanorep streamlines escalation to live reps for critical inquiries and improves both customer satisfaction and service cost-effectiveness.

As more and more utilities customers go online to find answers, you need to deliver the online experience they expect – easy access to information and instant, accurate answers, 24/7. Nanorep delivers the personalized, multilingual, geo-specific service that keeps your customers engaged in econversations and increases satisfaction while easily scaling to meet peak demands and unexpected outages.

Helping your customers help themselves with an engaging self-service option allows you to raise call center deflection and optimize operations. Providing personalized and accurate self-service responses, Nanorep lowers the burden on service staff by automatically handling repetitive inquiries and seamlessly re-channeling to live agents when necessary.

Provide easy access to information and instant, accurate answers - 24/7

Service as a Key Differentiator

prefer online support as long as it is easy, accurate and complete
contact a call center when can’t find answers via self-service

“Our business more than quadrupled over the past year. With Nanorep we are able to serve our ever growing account base with just a moderate increase in agents. Nanorep delivers great ROI, a tremendous saving in labor costs, and enhanced customer experience.”

Harpinder Sohal
Head of Online Marketing UK Mail Group

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