End User Summit to Improve Customer Experience

Nanorep’s First Annual End User Summit was a Productive, Exciting Learning Experience for Us All

On July 6th in London Nanorep held its first ‘End User Summit’ for our customers at WeWork Paddington. The structure of the event was built to allow for our customers to create a personal connection with us as a partner and more importantly to engage with each other.

In all, Nanorep had twelve attendees across six brands. All of these brand representatives had travelled from across the UK to make it to London for the afternoon representing Digital learning, Customer Service, Operations and Customer Experience.

The event ran as an afternoon session and covered our Product Road Map, a Customer Panel Session with Simon Johnson and Matthew Rawlings from RBS Digital Learning team and finally an insight into ‘Building a Customer Service Bot’.

A Product of our Efforts

Lior Bachar- Nanorep’s Head of Product- provided a guided look at our Product plans, especially showcasing a new User Flow feature that illustrates what steps a customer takes when asking a question through Nanorep. This helps our partners understand the customer journey and where processes potentially need improvement or how a customers’ query may affect other departments. Lior then provided a more complete picture of the current marketplace, illustrating Nanorep’s true position as thought leaders ahead of the curve with better customer service through AI-enabled developments in conversational capabilities.

RBS Shared Their Wisdom – from the Sandbox to Sound Advice

RBS have been a Nanorep customer since September 2016. Amongst other deployments, they currently use Nanorep as an internal knowledge management platform, ‘MyKnowledge’, for their contact centre agents. Using Nanorep’s NLP engine has enabled these front-line agents to find answers to customer queries that much quicker. Simon Johnson and Matthew Rawlings, who manage the ‘My Knowledge’ team at RBS, were the members for the Panel Discussion.

RBS have 15,000 agents in branch and telephony plus an additional 15,000 agents across the UK and India, comprising a total of 30,000 agents. The current traffic they experience within the ‘MyKnowledge’ environment is 2.5M Pageviews per week and they receive approximately 650k to 700k questions per month. They wanted to demonstrate how their frontline colleagues who help their customers minimise the level of effort required for issue resolution.

Having access to a sandbox to use before going live, and testing and ‘playing around’ with the solution really helped them receive a good understanding of the solution and build a critical mass of content. It also helped in term of focusing on areas in bite size chunks and training. Furthermore, the Nanorep Management console’s use of labelling to find content offered a far simpler, more straightforward process, freeing up time for management to help the content team optimise the type of content they create. Nanorep has freed up time for the ‘MyKnowledge’ team to teach the agents to become more conversational and changing the users behaviour, they anticipate this being a long term process.

Nanorep ‘contact forms’ are starting to be assigned and used by product teams and marketing which previously acted in silos, they now work in a more agile fashion. The Voices dashboard within Nanorep allows RBS to now evidence and confirm customer feedback. Increased efficiencies are allowing them to focus on other areas of customer experience. They envision contribution from other departments such as legal and finance becoming content contributors to the articles being created within Nanorep in the future. The user-friendly nature of the Nanorep platform was a massive plus point as well, and they emphasized a 6-week implementation process as compared to a 9 month one with their previous internal system.

Going around the Table Instead of Going Around in Circles

Following the stimulating sessions about the future of the product and the ways in which current deployments can help with improvements today, the group then split up for round-table sessions. The participants were arranged in groups of 3 and 4 for a half an hour round table session to help stimulate thoughts on KPIs, strategy, interdepartmental knowledge sharing, best practices, and future product requests. It was a great, hands-on opportunity for customers from different areas of the country to reflect on their systems and learn from each other, getting fresh perspectives and points of view for practical upgrades on their own use.

Building Better Practices by Also Building a Community

The evening ended with a beer and an opportunity for participants to share contact details and connect on an ongoing basis. While our relationships with our customers are always important to us, this event was for us an exciting opportunity to reconnect with a group of them together and witness the interactions they were able to have with each other. As proponents of cultivating the best customer experience for end-users, we abide by the customer-first mind-set and a customer-centric policy, and this event was a wonderful opportunity to put our philosophy into practice. This year’s first-ever end user meetup was by all measurements a success, and while it was an inaugural event, it has proven to be a worthy one that we hope to continue to facilitate and expand as we scale and grow.

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Neel Davda
As Sales Support Director for Nanorep’s European Division, Neel brings over seven years of experience working with some of the largest Enterprises in the world innovate and iterate on their customer service and experience offerings. He relishes the opportunity to help assert Nanorep’s reputation as being one of the leaders in NLP driven self service automation.