Nanorep Learning Knowledge Base Capabilities

Nanorep is predicated on ground-breaking technology that is unsurpassed in the customer service industry. The benefits of implementing these customer service solutions are many, for both customers and customer support agents.

The software is self-aware, in that it automatically collects customer queries, learns from representatives’ responses and builds a knowledge base. All of the questions that are fed into the system, in addition to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) are utilized to expand the knowledge base to maximum effect.

The end result is a vastly improved customer service solution that provides detail-oriented responses for individual customers. The levels of technological sophistication inherent in the knowledge base are such that the Nanorep system is capable of learning approximately 90% of your business questions within a three month period. This is significant in that it reduces the overall workload that customer service agents have to deal with on a daily basis.

Routine questions will be shifted away from support staff, e-mail queries will be dramatically reduced and customer agents will be able to focus on user-specific queries that require deeper insight and understanding of the system. Cost reductions, customer satisfaction enhancement and full integration of the customer support solution for the business and consumer is the net result.

The value-added benefits of this knowledge base are evidenced in the improved efficiency of the customer service operations, as well as the greatly improved ROI as a result of reduced shopping cart abandonment.

What can the Nanorep Knowledge Base Generate?

The Nanorep knowledge base is capable of effecting big changes to the way in which a business functions, from the inside out. The most obvious implications of adopting this customer support system are felt in the web self-service arena.

Customers can easily access the right information the most efficient way possible. Since the responses are contextually driven, accuracy, predictive ability and multilingual search functionality are guaranteed. The system is alive and functional 24/7, with instant response is available to customers via a wide range of communication channels and social media networks. Full customization and integration with the business side and the customer site is assured.

In tandem with the customer aspect of the knowledge based software, the business side also benefits. The customer support system provides agents with instant responses to user questions. This increases accuracy and speeds up the process. Customer agents can be trained to respond to high-level inquiries, while the knowledge base is able to provide solutions to standard user queries.

The knowledge base provides a host of analytical tools for businesses for the optimization of all on-site activities, marketing related material and customer retention. Since each page, category and/or product can be evaluated with tracking software, analytics and conversion funnels, the overall process of maximizing the user experience is made that much easier.

The ability of businesses to gain real insights into the questions/concerns/issues that customers are dealing with allows for rapid resolution of these matters. The customer analytics further allow for search engine optimized content, effective marketing campaigns and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Combined, the customer analytics and BI allow for more intelligent decision-making to take place to generate greater ROI.

The Nanorep Edge

By adopting this intelligent and self-aware knowledge base, web support escalations can be reduced significantly – by up to 95%. Since customer support agents are typically required to handle such queries, the cost savings are dramatic. Additionally, the Nanorep self-learning knowledge base is capable of driving Internet sale conversion rates up by 20%.

Yet another function is taking care of automatically, without requiring manual upgrading – the Q&A knowledge base. The analytics tools are one of the most important resources available to site owners across all industries. By knowing precisely what customers are concerned about, solutions, modifications and responses can be generated accordingly.

The system caters to users across the spectrum, with full multilingual capabilities available. The Nanorep widget allows for complete integration of chat functionality and the customer support team. Representatives can access instant answers from the widget.

The Bottom Line: Nanorep delivers Every Time

The rapid advancements in the customer service industry necessitate the adoption of a customer support solution that is able to provide instant solutions. The delays inherent in traditional methods, combined with their static nature, are inadequate for a web-based culture. Further, customers are more inclined to search for their own solutions rather than waiting on support agents. The ability to incorporate these growing numbers of customer queries and their associated responses into an evolving and self-learning knowledge base is absolutely critical. This power exponentially increases the efficiency and effectiveness of cross functional operations while driving down costs and boosting revenues at the same time.

Monica Givati
Monica Givati is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a lover of languages and the written word. Monica, Nanorep’s Head of Marketing, Content, & Communications, is interested in the space where customer service solutions meet the digital journey, especially curious about the budding world of AI and chatbots.