Powerful, Actionable Customer Experience Analytics (VoC) _

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Gives Visibility of Real-time Customer Inquiries

Moving from Guessing to Understanding Customers’ Needs

Nanorep’s powerful insights and customer experience analytics solution not only enables businesses to provide the consumer with a better experience, but also enables learning and improving.

Gaining knowledge about a customer’s needs is critical to understanding and personalizing the individual journey. It’s imperative to extract customer experience analytics and insights from the various touch-points and channels that customers use when interacting with your business. Nanorep recognizes the value this information brings to businesses and provides an advanced customer intelligence solution.

Our actionable “Voice of the Customer” analytics capabilities capture the current state and trends of customers’ expectations from your business. In real-time, the solution captures the story behind customer engagements by correlating consumer engagements and feedback with the bottom line business outcomes of the guidance you provided.

Customer experience analytics

What is “Voice of the Customer (VoC)” Analytics?

Nanorep’s “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) analytics is the finger on the pulse of your customer. Our intelligent customer analytics solution captures your customers’ expectations, intentions, and preferences with every interaction.

Voices captures customers’ inquiries in a visual format every time customers seek guidance, ask a question, or look up information. With our “Voices Analytics” you can slice and dice your customers’ voices according to any context, geo-location, and customer profiles. The thoroughness and visual display of this method of gathering data allows you to manage information more effectively. You can sort and filter in a variety of ways, receiving an overview of trends or dissecting down to granular topics and requests, harnessing insights to improve your content and process.

With “Voices Analytics” you can monitor customer queries for shifts in trend or sentiment. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) automatically groups similar topics together, opening up a clearer picture of the issues concerning your user base.

Nanorep’s cutting-edge solution brings customer intelligence to the highest level, delivering you the insights that are essential to understanding both the needs of your customers and their overall experience when interacting with your organization. Track query trends, answer feedback, and resolve issues using an effortless and intuitive solution.

Turn Customer Analytics into Actionable Insights

With Nanorep, you are empowered to not only observe, but to take action to instantly optimize your customer journey and mitigate bottlenecks with real-time, actionable analytics.

Prioritize content creation based on customers’ needs and consuming preferences with a clear visual representation of your customers’ interactions at every touch-point. Queries are arranged by popularity, allowing you to quickly strategize how to supplement your knowledgebase to increase customer satisfaction.

Track feedback and resolution using customizable reports that equip your experience team with the necessary insights to provide an exceptional digital experience and increase customer satisfaction. Our customer intelligence solution is designed to provide a complete view of the customer so that companies can improve strategic decision-making to deliver an experience that inspires loyalty.


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Due to Nanorep we were able to reduce the number of questions answered by humans by 70% and have our agents deal with 6 times fewer inquiries per day. So when you deal with tens of thousands of inquiries every month, it is no surprise that our reps are absolutely in love with Nanorep. Nanorep also allowed us to manage our ever-growing product KB by automating the per product FAQ cycle and as a result the conversion rate of visitors using Nanorep on our websites has tripled than those who don’t.

We absolutely love our nanorep solution! nanorep accurately replies to our customers’ inquiries, from pre-sale questions about products and policies to order tracking and shipments. Within a couple of months, we reduced our support overhead by 80% while significantly improving our agents’ response time. We have also seen an uplift in almost all of our success metrics along the customer journey.

nanorep automatically answers more than 13,000 questions per month and free existing agent to use their time and expertise more efficiently. The solution allows our reps to focus more on the high-value chat requests and the ones who are more likely to convert

We have multiple products and multiple brands and the fact that we’re able to segment that out while maintaining it within two databases as opposed to what could potentially be 10 or 15. That’s definitely something that has been a game-changer for us.

Our business more than quadrupled over the past year. With nanorep we are able to serve our ever growing account base with just a moderate increase in agents. nanorep delivers great ROI, a tremendous saving in labor costs, and enhanced customer experience.

nanorep positively impacted our inbound client inquiries. Within 8 months, we were able to reduce call volume by 31% and chat volume by 38%. nanorep’s implementation has immensely helped our needs for both customers and our internal productivity and training. We estimate that nanorep has helped us keep overhead increases at bay.

nanorep extended the reach of the Voice of the Customer for us, whereas before I had to rely only on customer care engagement data . With nanorep I get a clearly communicated story for these customers, whose voices had previously been silent. I can now understand why the flow may be abandoned at a certain time, because nanorep is a sort of ‘mind reader’ for our customers, helping us provide a greater customer experience.

nanorep is at the center of our support strategy at Yola. We believe in scaling support by never answering the same question twice! nanorep helps us to do this by it’s elegant solution to the problem of search. No matter how vast your knowledge base is, unless customers can find the answers easily, it is useless. nanorep turns your knowledge base into a goldmine! It allows us to easily maintain an automatic answer rate of 90% or higher! nanorep is like the ATM of support providing robust self-service and ensuring that our customers get what they need, 24/7!

Providing timely support of high quality to our 55 million registered users has always been a challenging goal for us at MyHeritage.com. As soon as we deployed nanorep, we’ve been able to channel trained support staff to focus on responding to the more difficult, personal cases while letting nanorep handle hundreds of simpler support questions each day, automatically, to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We’ve found nanorep to be an extremely capable system that learns and improves over time. It does an excellent job of matching customer questions to appropriate answers prepared by our staff in advance, in multiple languages. Our investment in nanorep has had positive ROI from day one and I strongly recommend it to any organization striving to deliver superior support to its customers.

Outstanding service and support from these guys, just how it should be. The whole team is focused on achieving success. Highly recommended!

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