facebook integration


Make your central knowledge base accessible to the visitors on your Facebook company page and provide immediate answers to their queries and even escalate their hi-touch issues to a live agent when necessary.

magento integration


nanorep integrates with Magento to deliver a personalized shopping experience on your product pages for increased conversions. Choose nanorep to complement your Magento dashboard for improved agent productivity by decreasing unnecessary ticketing.

liveperson integration


nanorep and LivePerson integrate together to provide personalized escalation paths and engagements. Forge out a seamless re-channeling plan to utilize your support agents in the most cost effective way.

google analytics integration

Google Analytics

Improve customer experience by integrating Google Analytics and nanorep. Analyze the impact on BI, increased conversions and cost reduction by tracking your visitors’ behavior and activity.

salesforce integration


Easily connect nanorep with your SalesForce data to deliver personalized responses to your customers from your CRM database.

jira integration

jira integration

Decrease unnecessary ticketing with nanorep and Jira. Easily make internal training and documentation accessible throughout your entire organization while optimizing your internal knowledge base.

livechat integration


Easily integrate your Live Chat account and your nanorep account for seamless escalation to live chat for a cost-effective re-channeling plan. This unique integration detects agent availability and hides live chat escalation when irrelevant. Value queries as low or high for optimized escalation.

olark integration


Olark and nanorep integrate to allow live chat escalations from self-service for a cost-effective re-channeling strategy. If agents aren’t available, the escalation icon will be hidden. Determine high value, low value queries for optimized escalation.

zopim integration


Nanorep and Zopim integrate seamlessly to allow escalations to live chat from Nanorep for a cost-effective re-channeling strategy. Automatically detect agents’ availability and hide escalation paths when irrelevant. Valuate queries as low/high value to automatically trigger chat when viable.

netsuite integration


Nanorep supports both internal and ecommerce integration with Netsuite. Decrease unnecessary ticketing and illuminate training and information gaps within your support teams. Increase revenue with dynamic product FAQs.

zendesk integration


Enjoy the most advanced internal knowledge-base solution for Zendesk. Nanorep will dramatically improve agents performance and efficiency. Agents get quick answers from the Nanorep internal KB which can be pushed to the reply window.