Nanorep for Salesforce Service Cloud

Engaging. Powerful.

The world’s best CRM just got better with agent-facing self-service and customer-facing digital guidance.

Companies choose Salesforce because it provides the best system for managing customer relationships. Powered by innovation and designed with a clear understanding of operational needs, Salesforce offers management solutions for every aspect of your business, and none more so than Service Cloud – the preeminent customer service solution.

Salesforce’s Always-on Customer Service offers a wide range of features and capabilities, but what Salesforce can’t deliver, Nanorep can.

The premiere CRM Software can do many things alone, but it can’t do everything. That’s where we come in. Where gaps exist in the customer experience, Nanorep fills them. Understanding customers’ expectations and needs is where we excel, helping you to elevate your digital customer experience self-service to meet the needs of both agents and customers.

The Ultimate Customer
Service Solution

Integrating Service Cloud with Nanorep's agent-facing self-service offers businesses the most complete customer management solution imaginable. Combining this seamless integration with Nanorep's customer-facing Digital Experience Guidance Solution delivers a complete view of the customer and forms a synthesis of endless possibilities.

Listen to your customers and develop your strategy around them

Anticipate customer needs and reveal possibilities to enhance their experience

True visibility of customer voices – Take out the guess work

Empower Your Agents – Put Your Knowledge in Their Hands

Close knowledge Gaps – Refine and Redefine Your Digital Self-Service

Streamline Content Creation – Prioritize Based on Customer Needs

Agent Experience
  • Improve FCR (First Contact Resolution)
  • Visibility into Customer Voices
  • Effortless Knowledge Base Optimization
  • True Personalization of Agent Responses
  • Dramatically increase agent productivity
  • Recognize Customer Needs and Intentions
Customer Experience
  • Personalized Digital Guidance at any moment of need
  • Ubiquitous help and assistance with on-demand guidance
  • Smart Channeling to Arrive at the most appropriate agent for faster resolution

Knowledge Delivered the Right Way

Service Cloud offers agents a system of built-in templates to provide canned responses to your customers. Templates can be organized into categories or sections, but there is no search, no segmentation, and no contextual relevancy offered for these responses.

With ingenuity and scalability in mind, Nanorep simplifies this process by bringing company knowledge to your agents’ fingertips. Our unique integration grants agents access to a searchable self-learning knowledgebase right in the email reply window. Articles to be used in responses can be sorted, filtered, and previewed prior to being inserted. Agents can insert the entire article or a selected portion and place it directly in the open customer query. More importantly, response options presented are contextually relevant to the customer and can include any variable within Salesforce, including personal account information. To ensure consistent, high level customer service responses, articles can receive agent feedback and be amended to better suit your customer and business needs.

Unparalleled Visibility of the Customer Experience

To provide a high level of customer service it is important to understand your customers and what they expect of you. Every time a customer initiates a query or engages with a company, they are expressing something about their wants or expectations. Nanorep’s voice of the customer technology captures these “Voices” and, using our Natural Language Processing (NLP), automatically groups similar topics together to provide greater transparency to the issues concerning your customer base.

Customer Voices are the clearest way to understand where knowledge gaps exist within the digital experience. With each engagement captured and recorded, Nanorep’s “Voices Analytics” displays your customers’ expectations and most popular queries in a clear visual presentation. Providing you with a total view of the customer and capabilities to adjust and refine where needed, Nanorep streamlines the process of closing knowledge gaps so that you can deliver a seamless customer journey.