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Nanorep for Zendesk amplifies your agent productivity by providing instant responses inside their ticketing console.
With our on-screen integration, your agents get a step-by-step guidance at the moment of need.
Resolving tickets should be easy and fast however, every ticket requires some attention and handling based on the level of complexity and searching for the information. Inquiries may require more than one answer and more than one resource. Having the ability to easily find the most relevant content right within the ticketing console, is a must so your agents will not spend a great deal of time waiting and searching your customer support center database.

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Reduction in Escalations from Tier 1
Powered Context-Driven Knowledge Management
Seamless Integration with Existing Solutions

“We have multiple products and multiple brands and the fact that we’re able to segment that out while maintaining it within two databases as opposed to what could potentially be 10 or 15. That’s definitely something that has been a game-changer for us.”

Katerina Fuller
Senior Manager Digital Customer Service
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Effortlessly optimize

Face hundreds of thousands of ticketing queries. Nanorep organizes, groups, and locates content by meaning.

Right from the Nanorep console, agents can publish their ticket replies, consult with an expert, and offer feedback on current responses for continuous knowledge base optimization.

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