Empower your Agents with Self Service_

AI-enabled Solution for Streamlined Single Source of Truth

Empower Your Agents with Self-Service

The winning strategy for superior customer service is straightforward: give your customer service agents the power and resources to solve problems effortlessly and intuitively right from within the service console. Nanorep integrates seamlessly with almost any CRM system.

The agents who interact with customers every day are the most important, determining factor in delivering superior customer service.

The knowledge that could solve the vast majority of customer support issues already exists inside your company – the only problem is making it easy for your agents to find and deploy it seamlessly and on demand. A robust knowledge base is a core requirement for any empowered customer service agent. But too many companies make it hard for agents to discover the knowledge they need, the instant they need it.

Implementing Nanorep’s knowledge management solution in the contact center can have a profound effect on the quality and efficiency of your service operations. Customers benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable agents, agents who are empowered to resolve issues with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency. Agent training costs can be substantially reduced, while job satisfaction increases as interactions with customers become more positive.


Reduced average handle time (AHT) for greater efficiency.


Increased First Call Resolution (FCR) for improved customer satisfaction.


Dramatically decrease training time necessary for agents, improving your bottom line.

Search less, find more

With Nanorep in place, you can display helpful content based upon your customer’s unique context, leveraging their specific user profile, account details, or history with your company so agents spend much less time searching for the relevant content or answer.

Every agent can become more productive and efficient, and every customer can benefit. Agents revel in their increased self-sufficiency and are able to work with a fluidity that lifts self-esteem and efficacy of service.

Nanorep’s solution helps agents deliver high-quality, personalized answers without the need for extensive and costly training. Nanorep automatically integrates content from your website’s FAQs, CRM, financial system, Customer KB, and any external knowledge source. As your content grows, Nanorep’s self-learning engine continues to absorb new information and has the capability to deliver it accurately and contextually.

Further, Nanorep technology identifies knowledge gaps and allows for easy fixes by the content managers. In this age of consumer expectations for immediacy and accuracy, Nanorep’s intelligent knowledge management gives agents an enormous edge.

Agent Empowerment

CRM Integrations_

nanorep's new open api technology easily interacts with other platforms to extract and deliver relevant information for customer service or engagement.

zendesk integration
salesforce integration
liveperson integration

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