Support Chat Bots Six Months Later –Moving Forward for Improved CX

Support Chat Bots Six Months Later –Moving Forward for Improved CX

Facebook released their chatbot feature in April 2016, and ripples were felt around the world and across digital channels, with over 18,000 branded company chatbots. An intelligent support chat bot can be an effective component of the ideal customer support solution.

Like with all aspects of customer service, you need to make sure you are choosing the right components to build a successful integration.

We study the characteristics shared by successful bots so you know what to stress if building your own bot or which elements to look for when choosing a support solution with which your users will love to engage.

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Support Chat Bots 6 Months after the Facebook Announcement

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Monica Givati
Monica Givati is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a lover of languages and the written word. Monica, Nanorep’s Head of Marketing, Content, & Communications, is interested in the space where customer service solutions meet the digital journey, especially curious about the budding world of AI and chatbots.