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09 Sep 2013
How to Increase Conversion With Customer Service Experience

How to Increase Conversion With Customer Service Experience

The ultimate goal of any eCommerce business and online retailer is getting their conversion rate as high as possible. There are many different levels for approaching this challenge and I would obviously like to discuss it from the customer service angle. But this time, I chose to share with you one of our customers stories.

Build.com is the world’s second-largest home improvement online retailer with twelve specialized websites that sell lighting, faucets, plumbing, heating, appliances and many other products with the assistance of more than 200 employees who handle 130,000 inquires and calls every month.

Build.com product selection

Sounds like an impressive operation, and it truly is. But dealing with such growth in inventory size and online traffic – which got to about five million visitors each month – is not a simple task. With different communication channels via phone, chats, emails and online forms, the support team did their best to handle everyone in a timely manner. But in order not to miss any incoming calls or chats, website submitted questions came in lower priority. As a result, the response time averaged nine hours and many potential online customers left. For a company who believes in “taking care of the customer first” it wasn’t good enough.

It also became increasingly impossible for the team to manage the ever growing knowledge base of product questions as agents would answer questions over and over again. Just answering all the incoming questions required the resources of twelve full time employees. In addition, there were no efficient management tools to easily find, add or edit FAQ answers and there was no analytics or BI on all those questions.

As a result, Build.com looked for a solution that would allow improving this online channel so they can provide the great customer service experience and response time they were able to provide with other channels. nanorep was exactly what they needed as its unique approach to web self-service immediately helped them to deal with the site’s growing knowledge base and customer base.

Build.com decided to implement our knowledge base software and use the Product FAQ widget in their product pages. This widget provides easy access to frequently asked questions and answers on each product page and specifically for each product. There is also a search box, to allow customers ask a general or product-specific question in their own words – still within the product page. This would allow their customers to get instant answers using self-service techniques, rather than pick up the phone or wait nine hours for an agent’s reply.  So not only that they would be able to improve response time and customer experience at much lower customer support costs but also to increase customer engagement and reduce product page abandonment rates.

Product Page FAQ

In only a couple of months after implementing nanorep, Build.com saw huge improvements in those areas:

  • More than tripled conversion rates as a result of the improved customer experience
  • A 40% increase in the number of questions asked by potential customers
  • Reduced the number of questions answered by humans by 70%
  • Had agents personally answer an average of six times fewer questions each day
  • Managed its product FAQ automatically with minimal human involvement
  • Improve business intelligence and analytics

To sum up, I can only quote Dave Isherwood, Build.com Director of Sales: “nanorep improved our customer service with immediate answers to tens of thousands of monthly inquiries and tripled our conversion rate. So it is no surprise our reps are absolutely in love with it.”