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20 Nov 2013
How to Boost Average Sale Price by 50%

How to Boost Average Sale Price by 50%

Among the many challenges that online retailers face is the issue of conversion. Regardless of the product or service being offered, the uncertainty inherent in many purchases is an impediment to closing the deal. Typically, customers arrive at a specific website with their curiosity piqued. They have a desire to purchase a product or a service, but the uncertainty they may feel regarding the specifics of the product may serve to dissuade them from completing their purchases. Online retailers pour tremendous resources into gaining virtual shelf space on the Web. This is primarily done through search engine optimization and search engine marketing methods. However, the job is not done when customers arrive at an online retailer’s site; making the sale is paramount. If visitors have any uncertainties during the shopping process, this will invariably reflect in the final purchase decision. It’s vitally important to do everything possible to minimize those uncertainties or even eliminate them entirely. The goal is therefore to boost shoppers’ confidence in order to generate more conversions and increased shopping cart value.

Engaging with Customers

Online retailers are well aware that there is a significant volume of “Lost Trade” – known as the Abandonment Rate – between the time that a customer starts browsing, selects items for purchase, and attempts to check out and pay. It is at this very juncture – the uncertainty stage – that an effective customer experience strategy can decrease this abandonment at each of the different stages, recoup some of the lost sales and boost overall ROI. Of course, the effectiveness of instant accurate web self-service tools in terms of incremental sales is dependent upon the experience and the quality of the support that is offered to customers. nanorep provides online retailers with premium-quality Q&A tools that make information seamlessly available and accessible to boost the overall customer engagement and shopping experience. The immediacy and accuracy of the answers provided goes a long way towards assuaging customer concerns, thus generating a higher conversion rate and a higher average sale price.

The secret to the effectiveness of nanorep rests in the proficiency, accuracy and real-time engagement that are offered. Customers have access to immediate real-time assistance from any page or even social channels whenever they need it. In addition, customers can easily access FAQs on a certain product or service they are interested in without having to dig for information, leave the page they are on or wait for assistance. The web self-service engagement strategy  provided by nanorep works around the clock, so customers everywhere can enjoy service excellence. The result is that incremental sales are boosted.

By providing this terrific customer support software, trust is established and uncertainty is eliminated. Many times, customers will go so far as the final checkout stage and then abandon their purchases. This could be the result of not having all the relevant information available or actually discovering new facts about the products or services. The net effect of this lack of knowledge is diminished confidence in completing the purchase.  Fortunately, with nanorep this is being reversed and significant improvements in sales are being seen.

The Convenience of Online Shopping with the Confidence of In-Store

In truth, online retailers lose scores of customers throughout the online shopping process. However, it is entirely possible to decrease the abandonment rates and boost the conversion rates of those customers who go through the process of adding items to the shopping cart. One of the main reasons for abandoning the purchase is lack of information. In other words, shoppers have a lack of confidence when swiping their card and committing to the purchase. So, if it is possible to provide a better service and an improved flow of information, it is entirely possible to significantly raise shoppers’ confidence. This will have the added effect of  dramatically increasing the overall sales figures. By interacting with more visitors and providing them with better service and a more hands-on experience, these numbers can be boosted dramatically.

Numbers suggest that customers who interact with nanorep web self-service tools are 5 times more likely to complete their purchases than those who don’t. In addition, the figures reflect that users, who interact with the nanorep customer support software, receive all the information they need and spend on average 50% more on each purchase. The net effect of this web self-service engagement strategy and superior customer service software is an incredible boost in revenue, compliments of nanorep.

24 Oct 2013
Increase Sales With Your Customer Service Analytics

Increase Sales With Your Customer Service Analytics

Thirty years ago, the roles of marketing and sales departments were separate and clearly defined. Marketers, for example, would create a roadside billboard or newspaper advertisement to generate interest in a product or service. The people who would become interested would then go to or call the store, and then salespeople would take over from there.

Of course, the problem with this old-fashioned paradigm was that there was a lack of concrete, precise data on what exact marketing and sales techniques and tactics generally lead to sales. Today, however, a near-infinite amount of data is available as more and more marketing and sales activities move to online mediums including websites, social-media networks, and mobile devices. All of this data is relevant to both sales and marketing, so the two departments need to work together – it is no longer a one-way street.

Web Analytics – General Insights on Your Audience

In such an environment, the correct use of web analytics in numerous contexts is crucial to business success. Here are just a few examples of the questions that analytics can answer to inform future marketing and sales strategies:

  • What online channels are sending website visitors that tend to convert the most?
  • How are mobile-device users engaging with our website?
  • What types of activity on what social-media networks brings the most website visits?
  • Which website pages have what conversion rates, bounce rates, and other metrics?
  • Which calls-to-action, online forms, and landing pages tend to deliver the greatest number of users?

Online Customer Service Analytics – Insights on Users Needs

Now, nanorep brings also customer service into the web analytics game. nanorep’s solution provides deep, comprehensive insights into knowledge bases and how your visitors or customers interact with the information and messages on your website. Our customers can analyze and use the data to improve the customer service experience and optimize their online marketing by constantly improving messages and information.

Most-Popular Questions

What are the most popular questions asked on your website? Once you know the answer, you can train your service team to address those topics and also adjust your website information and knowledge base to recognize and answer such queries. If the existing sales materials and product pages do not cover those topics, then you can also consider whether to revise them.

Most popular questions asked by customers

Customer Intelligence and Trends

By seeing the overall trend in customer inquiries over time, companies recognize changes in product interest and gain valuable business intelligence. If more questions are asked about a given item at a particular time of year, the sales and marketing departments might want increase their efforts to promote that product at that time. If people start to ask when a piece of software will be updated or released for a certain computer or mobile operating system, then the company may want to add that functionality. These are just two examples.

Real Customer Feedback

Website visitors have the ability to provide feedback on the answers provided by the knowledge base. If an answer is not precise or comprehensive enough, then the feedback will let you know to improve the answer accordingly. Such functionality is a way to improve both the quality of your knowledge base and your customer service in general. In addition, the level of feedback is another insight into the customers themselves. If a particular question and answer generates a lot of feedback and discussion, then that topic is likely of great interest to potential buyers. Marketing and sales can incorporate this knowledge into their work.

Most satisfying answers

Conversion Rates

Certain issues – whether a shirt is available in a certain color or whether a piece of software can be used on both Macs and PCs, for example – can make or break a sale. nanorep shows which questions lead to conversions and/or sales, so the marketing and sales teams can see what specific issues should be addressed in their general  work as well.

Questions that lead to conversion

Unanswered Questions

nanorep tells business what questions need answers to be added in the knowledge base and which queries cause customers to escalate to (expensive!) live agents. This information tells companies when to take actions that will improve efficiency and increase agent productivity by using them for only high-value interactions.

Questions with no answers in the knowledge base

With nanorep, customer analytics brings more value and insights for the marketing and sales departments, as well as to the customer service & support teams. Providing all three departments with valuable business intelligence allows them to make better decisions within the scope of each department and increase performance. Working together with those insights can bring an even higher value to the entire company, by optimizing processes which lead to higher revenues.

18 Mar 2013
Converting online visitors through customer service

Converting online visitors through customer service

Did you know that 55% of shoppers who have a bad experience on e-commerce sites abandon the purchases and that people will pay a 13% price premium for good service?

This data, which comes from an American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, was one of the many important points addressed in a recent webinar by Retail Online Integration with nanorep. In the webinar, STELLAService co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Service John Ernsberger shows why quality customer service is more important for e-commerce websites than people commonly think.

Ernsberger, citing Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, states that customer service rests on three pillars: price, service, and selection. Today, the prices of products brought online are essentially the same or lower than the same items in physical stores. Selection is also less important now because nearly everything found in brick-and-mortar establishments can also be found on the Internet.

This leaves service as the differentiating factor on online sales websites – especially since the competition is “one click away.” As Adrian Snood writes at Social Media Today, customer service trumps marketing.

As we wrote at the beginning of this post, shoppers place a great importance on service. Here are two slides from Ernsberger’s presentation:

Conecting customer service to dollars

To achieve these results, you need to focus on three metrics specifically on your product pages:

  • Total time to an agent on the phone
  • E-mail response-time
  • Total time to an agent in a chat

In the webinar, Build.com Director of Sales David Isherwood also detailed how they used nanorep to improve the website’s metrics on those three factors – and increase the company’s bottom-line overall.

Specifically, Build.com had the following problems:

  • Managing an ever-growing database of product questions
  • Repeated questions and answers
  • No analytics
  • A high labor-cost to answer questions in a timely manner
  • A 9-hour response-time on average

Then, the company decided to use nanorep’s customer service solution to build product-specific FAQ files and answers that update dynamically, improve customer service by providing immediate answers, and reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to answer repetitive questions inpidually. All of these actions then occurred directly on the product pages and removed the waiting times associated with phone calls, e-mail, and instant messages.

The result:

  • Customers ask 40% more questions
  • The number of questions needing to be answered by humans fell 70%
  • Answers to general and repeated questions are being added proactively
  • The conversion rate of people using nanorep customer service tool is nearly double those who do not

They key takeaway is that in the Internet Age, current and potential buyers need to understand that your company provides great customer service and is willing to engage with them quickly and effectively. That way, you make their online experience as pleasant as possible – and you both prevent people from abandoning their purchases and encourage them to buy more. Then, both your customers and your company will win.

26 Feb 2013
How Great Customer Service Can Lead to More Online Revenues

How Great Customer Service Can Lead to More Online Revenues

It is no secret that online sales are constantly growing. In 2012 e-commerce sales grew 21 percent to top $1 trillion for the first time, according to eMarketer and this year sales are expected to grow in 18.3% to $1.298 trillion.

One of the main contributors to this trend is the improvement in customer experience that we see on the different websites and especially eCommerce sites. There is no doubt that purchasing online should be as easy as possible. This includes eliminating unnecessary forms, helping people to find what they need and explaining about the different products.

So having a good, intuitive UI and flows on the website is important, but we cannot forget the importance of a great customer service. Customer service is important to help users find what they are looking for as fast as possible and make them feel they get a personal attention. You can have live agents attending to your customers but this could become very expensive as your business grows and the amount of visitors on your websites increases. Moreover, a person who gets paid by commission could sometimes become less patient and frustrated with answering repetitive questions that do not necessarily indicate a direct buying intention. This could hurt your customer service and their sales efforts in the long run.

Our experience has proven that the combination of live agents with a self-service customer service solution such as nanorep provides the best customer experience and the best results in this ever growing market. Users get instant help and answers in their shopping process while your live agents can focus more on high level conversations and generate more online sales.

I would like to invite you to listen in to a free webinar which discusses those issues and best practices around online customer service such as:

  • The importance of using the product page as your portal to customer service;
  • Reducing the size of your support team to control costs;
  • How customers’ repetitive questions can improve your product offerings;
  • Don’t forget your mobile customers; and — so much more!

The webinar is presented by John Ernsberger, co-founder and vice president of sales and services at STELLAService, a company that measures and monitors the customer service performance of online retailers.; David Isherwood, the director of sales at Build.com, the second-largest online home improvement retailer; and myself, Roy Goffer, Director of Marketing at nanorep.

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