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06 Feb 2014
Customer Service for the Internet of Things

Customer Service for the Internet of Things

We are now part of a new age: The Internet of Things. Customers have a low tolerance for waiting, as evidenced by the ubiquity of accessible customer support agents, real-time responses and intelligent knowledge-based systems such as nanoRep. It has become increasingly important to provide customers with multiple contact options – across many different platforms. These include live or self-service channels via social media, mobile, email, web and phone. The synergism of these multi-channel communications options leads to happier customers and more efficient customer support departments. By providing customers with up-to-the-minute updated information, greater overall efficiency is the result. And customers love it!

How to Implement Cutting Edge Knowledge Bases for Customers

It’s already happening. An estimated 20 billion gadgets and devices will be wirelessly hooked up to all sorts of other devices by 2020. These include TVs, DVDs, Home Alarms and so much more. We’re moving into an age where most everything can be instantly managed, updated and monitored. The same is happening with customer service. Shoppers are not content to sit idly by while waiting on a representative to provide feedback. Web based solutions are increasingly being viewed as the go-to solutions for enhancing customer support. FAQs, how to guides, self-service knowledge bases and more will be directly available on all forms of devices including smartphones & tablets, vehicles and smartwatches. As we move into the Age of the Internet of Things so everything will go wireless, from our purchase history to the way we interact with one another and with brands. Self-service is increasingly being seen as the way of the future available in the now. Since self-service deflects standard queries away from customer support desks, this has the added effect of increasing employee satisfaction while decreasing call volumes. Customer support agents can now focus on unique questions from customers. Built-in help functionality – such as nanoRep – provides constant support to customers at every stage of the shopping process. From the moment you begin browsing to the time you are ready to checkout and then when you are already a customer, nanoRep’s live support functionality is there to help. Live support comes in many forms such as artificial intelligence support on mechanized devices (such as overheating lawnmowers) with real-time potential solutions.

Companies are Understanding where to focus their Attention

Countless devices are already Wi-Fi enabled and millions more will be in coming years. This provides an ongoing stream of uninterrupted data flow for companies to sift through. Not only is this information valuable as a means of discovering weaknesses and strengths within their own organizations, it’s also useful for marketing purposes. Analytics provides necessary information on how best to improve products, optimize e-commerce websites and tailor product launches to specifications. Since the advent of intelligent web-based solutions, companies are now redoubling their efforts to hire and train agents who are more adept at dealing with unique queries. Since the focus has now shifted away from volume queries towards individual queries, customer support agents need to be better trained and more versatile. The age of reading scripted material and generic responses is over; customers want tailored solutions to individual queries.

Since the customer service reps will be required to answer all manner of unique questions from customers, they will need to have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Typically, CS agents spend the first half of their calls collecting user information and other data regarding the product or service in question. With the new-age customer support solutions, this information will likely be available instantly in the form of metrics reports, and readily available info. The customer support agents will thus be required to understand this information in double-quick time and provide responses accordingly. Multiple companies have already shifted to this way of conducting their customer service departments, including Nike, Zappos and eToro.

The New Age has Dawned

The Internet of Things is here; it’s everywhere even if you can’t see it. It’s in the restaurants we order food at, the apps on our smartphones, and even present in the way we interact with customer support. Even the biggest auto manufacturers in General Motors and Volkswagen are building cars that are Wi-Fi enabled. All sorts of household appliances are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the new age. It’s indeed something to be embraced as a consumer; greater convenience and more personalized support are the order of the day. And nanoRep will be leading the charge at the forefront of this technological evolution!