travel and retail customers demand self-service

Travel and retail customers demand self-service: will you answer the call?

For travel and ecommerce sites in the months after New Year’s, bringing the right kind of traffic to your site can be tricky, and making the most of it is even harder. The residual uptick in activity of holiday aftermath turns into a weight on your support staff, as visits to your site are more often to make returns and search for answers to last-minute-travel-related questions than to make new purchases or book new trips.

Address common customer service issues with self-service

In travel, the end of the holidays and the blanket of cold weather over many popular travel destinations contribute to lots of homebound families spending quality time in the living room by the fireplace. Knowing this combines with the ability to segment and intelligent tech to provide contextual, personalized answers and allow your site to make the most of visitors and impress them with facilitated self-service and targeted experiences.

In ecommerce, call centers often shed their seasonal workers and find themselves needing resources to deflect a large number of calls without the manpower. With an intelligent self-service solution that draws answers from a centralized knowledge base, customers can self-serve and agents are armed with easily-accessible, consistent information and can address problems, focus on higher-level issues, and upsell.

Will you answer the call?

2017 just started, and now is the time to make sure the year is the best one yet for customer experience on your site. With a holistic, omni-channel customer self-service solution, you increase CSAT and customer retention for a more profitable new year. When you ensure coverage across all touch-points and consistent answers with assistance on all channels, you make sure you are holding up your end of the bargain. With self-service, you are taking the fight to your competitors’ doorstep, saying “I’m covered, are you?”

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Monica Givati
Monica Givati is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a lover of languages and the written word. Monica, Nanorep’s Head of Marketing, Content, & Communications, is interested in the space where customer service solutions meet the digital journey, especially curious about the budding world of AI and chatbots.