Travel Made Easy with nanorep Technology

Travel Made Easy with Nanorep Technology

The travel and hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets. Customers are looking for real-time information so they can find the best deals for their needs. As such, it’s really important that the information provided by online travel and hospitality sites is always up-to-date and can be easily accessed. One of the essential elements in the hospitality industry – arguably the most important – is the actual hospitality component; the level of customer service.

This is all the more important when it comes to online sales and conversion as customer engagement, booking rates and sales growth are paramount. nanorep self-service engages travel customers in automated yet personalized eConversations, providing accurate & real-time responses that meet the needs of the customer on the one hand and the business on the other.

Unique Challenges Facing the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The travel industry is experiencing an interesting set of challenges, notably swelling numbers of online visitors who expect terrific products and excellent service at the lowest possible price. Those demands have to be met by providing an exceptional online experience while keeping the costs low. The solution lies in implementing an effective service operation that combines the benefits of automation with those of personal attention, according to real-time customers and business needs. Thomas Cook, one of the world’s most revered travel and hospitality companies, implemented nanorep technology to great effect. This comes in the form of dynamic FAQs that update automatically, personalized responses and full integration across multiple channels.

By selecting nanorep, Thomas Cook is able to automatically and accurately respond to around 120,000 monthly inquiries in multiple languages. By offering a self-service option that provides satisfactory responses to customers, Thomas Cook was able to reduce its support load by 20%. Now, agents are dealing with less routine queries on a daily basis and they are able to focus on individual queries that really do warrant their personal attention.

The Thomas Cook Case Study

As a frontrunner in the global travel industry, Thomas Cook generated sales in excess of £9 billion during 2013. This travel company has operations in 17 countries and serves over 20 million customers.  With growing interest in travel and tourism, Thomas Cook was facing a unique challenge: how best to meet the needs of customers in a cost-effective way?

Since Thomas Cook operates multiple websites in multiple languages and multiple countries, it faces many challenges. Thomas Cook decided to seek out nanorep to meet these exigencies. nanorep provides a self-service knowledge base with real-time updates, learning capabilities and full integration with other support channels. This self-service solution also offers personalized responses to customer queries. Thomas Cook had no hesitation implementing the nanorep software into several of its websites. The software seamlessly integrates with multiple local sites and offers customers an authentic self-service option.

Today, the Thomas Cook Group utilizes nanorep on 13 websites in 5 languages.  The software is equally effective for internal usage, and was implemented on several internal sites supporting Thomas Cook’s 700 international stores. Managers can update agents on procedures on bookings, cancellations, special offers and so on. The fact that a single person can successfully manage this massive and diverse activity is where nanorep’s unique value really stands out.

nanorep Selected Over Other Support Solutions

The decision to go with nanorep was something that Thomas Cook carefully considered. Thomas Cook evaluated various solutions at different levels, but they considered nanorep to be one of the best success stories over the last few years. Thomas Cook has managed to reduce costs and develop more effective customer service as a result of having selected nanorep. Travel and tourism customers get to enjoy a better online experience which puts them way ahead of the competition.

LivePerson chat has been integrated with nanorep which now provides 100% coverage and allows Thomas Cook to utilize the right channel for every individual case, with no wait times for phone, email replies or even chat. In addition to reducing the volume of agent conversations, the average chat time at Thomas Cook has been reduced by 10%.

For the travel and hospitality industry, nanorep offers clear benefits that translate into significant cost savings and better ROI due to the ability to channel customers according to real-time user data and sales margins. But this is only possible by engaging customers in high quality eConversations. That is precisely what nanorep provides – engagement, customer satisfaction and increased ROI.

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Roy Goffer
Roy is Nanorep’s Director of Marketing. He has 10 years of experience in marketing technological solutions and writes about online customer experience.

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