Comparing Customer Support Costs

Comparing Customer Support Costs

Support by Live Phone

The average support call using live phone, costs $7-$33 depending on your company size. The bigger the company, the higher the support-software cost.

Support by Chat

The average support inquiry by chat costs $3-$10 depending on your company size. According to Gartner, live-chat support is only more cost-effective than voice calls when an agent can handle three or more chats at a time, and companies report that their chat reps can respond to four chat sessions simultaneously.

Support by Attended Email

Responding to a customer’s question via attended email, costs an average of $1.5-$7.8, depending on company size.

Support by nanoRep

The cost per question answered using nanoRep is a fraction of the alternatives.  Our clients report that they enjoy a customer support ratio of 1:400, compared to 1:4 with chat.  Furthermore, because all new answers are edited and approved by a content manager, nanoRep provides the highest-quality responses among all the other options by online reps. Should a customer escalate his question to support representatives, they can respond either by chat, email or phone.

Roy Goffer
Roy is Nanorep’s Director of Marketing. He has 10 years of experience in marketing technological solutions and writes about online customer experience.

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