virtual customer assistant connects consumers to good customer service

Connecting with your Consumer with a Virtual Customer Assistant – the Future of Customer Service

Technology has progressed astronomically in the last decade, and its ripple effects are felt in every business, in every field. Consumers no longer peruse and purchase in the same ways, and we cannot approach them as we used to. As Forrester posited, we are in the Age of the Customer, and in this era of immediacy and availability, offering digital self-service is a requirement for any company hoping to provide high-level service for consumers. But with savvy and discerning consumers, it isn’t enough to simply offer features of self-service– your business needs to remain at the forefront of the digital self-service revolution with an omni-channel strategy and a seamless approach to the customer experience. Recent studies found that up to 89% of consumers worldwide expect an efficient self-service application on company’s websites, and this becomes the bare minimum going forward.

Consumers are used to comfort and convenience, and have little patience for hassle or waiting. Further, liquid expectations have raised the bar, with brands compared to those beyond their immediate competition. Your consumers now compare you to everyone, including Apple and huge names that have nothing to do with your product. Today’s consumers have access to apps, information, and knowledge, often placing them on par with those serving them, further justifying the push towards empowering the customers on their journeys with self-service. Gartner predicts that by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprises without ever interacting with a human.

Human-like Interactions for True Connection with your Customers Where They’re Comfortable

A friend of mine in sales laughed that she avoids calling customers by name, instead using cute nicknames, saying “for them, I’m the only vendor, but to me, they’re one of dozens with whom I do business daily.” Consumers expect access and a seamless experience at any touchpoint in their digital journey, wanting to jump from one medium to another and be recognized and remembered with a hassle-free continuous process as if they were conversing uninterrupted with a trusted friend. As determined by a Deloitte survey, 82% of customers consider accuracy and quality of information to be the most important attribute of the customer experience, but they expect information to be readily-available on their terms, and you risk losing a sale by not being equipped to handle these expectations: 53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions, and a whopping 73% say that valuing their time is the most important factor in good customer service.

Where once apps were cutting-edge, digital clutter and waning attention spans have experts concluding that what people want now is to connect from anywhere with centralized knowledge and consistent service. Nanorep allows you to approach consumers from within the platforms they are already on, whether via web self-service, mobile applications, email, chat, social media, or any other customer engagement platform. Integral to today’s trends and the direction of self-service, Nanorep offers mobile integration and a universal virtual customer assistant with a service bot solution that enables your business to reach customers where they are already looking- including within the comfort and convenience of popular messaging applications like Facebook and Slack.

Understanding Intent and Context for Better CX

Using the right technology, you reach your consumer efficiently and with ease, and with tracking tools and feedback you provide the impeccable service expected while increasing your knowledge base and deepening your understanding of your customer’s needs. Nanorep recognizes user context, including geo-location and more to provide relevant, actionable information for you and timely responses to your customers. The technology learns and adjusts, allowing you to anticipate customer needs. Unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology combined with Nanorep’s patented Contextual-Answers™ and using Voices technology, Nanorep has unprecedented facility in understanding queries, context, and adapting, learning and reading the intent and context for each consumer while tracking the journey and continuing to deliver relevant, timely responses in each interaction. Since engagements with self-service software are recorded and optimized, you can track which issues are raised and resolved in which manner, optimizing future customer interactions and focusing on customer experience, which is paramount in today’s market. A recent Gartner survey found that, by 2016, 89 percent of businesses will prioritize customer experience as their focus for maintaining a competitive edge.

Self-Service for the Win

Gartner predict that 2/3 of customer service interactions will be self-service by 2018, and all businesses truly must adopt best practices and adapt to please and encourage loyal consumers who grow more discerning by the day. With opportunities for interactions at multiple touchpoints, the best way of ensuring productive, seamless interactions with consumers across all media is a truly omni-channel approach with an intelligent virtual customer assistant. By employing digital self-service with the latest technology, you maximize the potential of each channel while simultaneously weaving the efforts together into an interconnected journey for the consumer and enriching your company’s knowledge base.

Monica Givati
Monica Givati is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a lover of languages and the written word. Monica, Nanorep’s Head of Marketing, Content, & Communications, is interested in the space where customer service solutions meet the digital journey, especially curious about the budding world of AI and chatbots.