holistic digital self-service solution for customer satisfaction

5 Ways to Take Action and Impress Tomorrow’s Consumers, Today

Broadly speaking, we know that people are more heavily reliant on technology than ever before, both in their personal lives and in how they shop. But which technology is relevant and successful, and what is simply window dressing?

A recent study by Apadmi has given retailers and business owners a glimpse into what consumers really want. Take a look at the following five elements of technology which the study revealed your customers consider essential.

Holistic Solution

Computer weekly reports from the results of the study that “almost half of shoppers want retailers to implement technology that will make it easier for them to use their mobile devices in-store.” From click -and -collect to mobile checkout and order ahead, having a solution that works across all devices for both consumers and staff and makes the most of each is essential.

Your intelligent self-service can and should include touch-points for the Web, mobile devices and messaging channels, and include knowledge management for both customers and employees to get answers at a moment’s interaction. Because comprehensive analytics are used, it can be self-learning, including escalation to live agents when the context calls for it, and best-in-class NLI (Natural Language Interactions).

Broad Analytics

“As shoppers continue to embrace mobile e-commerce and retail apps, the in-store experience needs to remain relevant and incorporate the benefits that can be achieved through shopping online,” ascertains the study.
Relevance is something which is coming up time and time again in what customers want to see. It’s no surprise that it was reflected here too. In fact, 75% of customers continue to participate in loyalty programs and affiliate themselves with your brand due to the relevance of offers and rewards. In order to provide relevance, you need to know what your customers want. And the only sure-fire way to get inside the mind of the customer is with analytics.

Analytics can track your self-service adoption to make sure you’re getting the results you need. Additionally, they can measure the quality of responses that your agents and AI are giving as well as building a picture of the visitor intent behind the questions. The business can see at a glance the voice of the customer, putting them in a perfect place to understand and optimize accordingly.

Unique White Box AI Technology

The study also uncovered that “one in five consumers wants retailers to implement technologies that will make their shopping experience more personal.” But personal doesn’t necessarily mean personnel.
The personal touch is much more than simply speaking to a human staff member. In fact, in a world where Gartner are predicting 85% of interaction with an enterprise will be without human contact by 2020,it is not a pre-requisite at all.

AI technology has come so far that when you choose Nanorep you are choosing proprietary technologies which include Contextual Answers™ and Natural Language Understanding. Customers talking to your AI enjoy personalized conversations with all the information about their order history at their fingertips. Accurate answers and in-context guidance give the personal touch with an added side of efficiency and ease.

User control

But the way customers shop has only changed so far. “It is important to consumers that this technology is used alongside a traditional store experience as opposed to replacing it, with many consumers still preferring to check-out with a person.”

For businesses, this can be a complicated balance to find. Deployed successfully, your intelligent self-service should complement your human staff, making their lives easier and allowing them to leave repetitive or low level tasks considered as done.

Nanorep makes this seamless, with a second-to-none guided, visual User Experience. Your customer service or customer experience departments can control, maintain and optimize the solution alone, with all the tools they need to manage their own unique business and staff needs, and no IT support necessary.

Fast Deployment

Apadmi realize they are not asking for any small feat from today’s businesses, but the consequences seem steep if a company chooses to ignore these new realities. “While it will be challenging for retailers to meet the demands of tech-savvy shoppers, it’s important that they get on-board to retain customer loyalty.”

The clock is ticking, and customers aren’t interested in waiting for a complicated system to be put in place. Not when your competitors are already there and waiting.

In order to succeed at intelligent self-service, you need to choose a company with a proven track-record of deploying solutions in weeks rather than months. A solution which minimizes the Professional Services needed, providing immediate results.

70% of customers expect a company website to have an effective self-service solution for their needs. Finding that balance between AI and human staff, creating opportunities for growth with broad analytics, and ensuring a fully holistic solution with fast deployment should be top of your list of requirements when choosing your own.

Monica Givati
Monica Givati is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a lover of languages and the written word. Monica, Nanorep’s Head of Marketing, Content, & Communications, is interested in the space where customer service solutions meet the digital journey, especially curious about the budding world of AI and chatbots.