Nanorep Support Chat Bot Integration

Provide Customer Support on Messaging Platforms

Powered by cutting-edge technology that recognizes customer intent and enables precise knowledge delivery, Nanorep has launched an advanced customer support bot integration. Nanorep’s conversational experience combines a seamless, consistent self-service experience with the convenience and accessibility of popular messaging applications, reaching customers in the platforms they already use. This revolutionary ability to allay pressing needs from within the most popular existing platforms is an immense upgrade to your customer service capabilities and improves coverage and efficiency.

Where other customer service chat bots are limited to predefined scripts, Nanorep taps directly into a company’s knowledge base to deliver personalized, contextually-relevant information right to the customer’s messaging interface with a conversational interface. Using a combination of our patented Contextual-Answers™ technology and proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithm, customers can speak freely as if they were speaking to a person and be understood in any language.

With impressive technology, the bot allows you to focus on the content without predicting and scripting and manually juggling managing responsibilities or programming. We design the content, not the conversation – the bot allows for scaling without sacrificing any aspect of the experience for any customer, allowing for situation-specific conversations in natural language without exception.

Integrated customer service with smart channeling capabilities

This customer support chat bot is distinctive in its capabilities, with a meta-bot feature that knows which questions to answer and which to redirect to other bots. Whereas other chat bots are designed to carry out pre-scripted conversations, we have designed our support bot with the intelligence to master the content.
With AI capabilities, the Nanorep support bot is built to handle any user scenario or customer inquiry, providing customer support from start to finish across the entire customer journey. When necessary, it can even guide customers to other relevant assistance channels through smart channeling capabilities.
This is just one facet of the smart channeling capabilities that seamlessly transition the consumer through phases and across media on his digital journey to resolution.

automated online virtual customer assistant

Track and analyze interactions to understand consumers’ voices

Nanorep’s support bot aggregates data to illustrate your customer experience journeys in real-time, providing a visualization of and pointing out the existence of knowledge gaps. Nanorep’s leading-edge analytics and Voices technology enable businesses to identify and address these knowledge gaps and optimize where needed, bridging the gap between consumers and brands.

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