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Multichannel, Automated Customer Assistant for a Seamless Digital Journey

virtual customer assistant


Nanorep provides an intelligent virtual assistant to answer your customer requests at the moment of need, wherever and whenever. Multichannel intelligent virtual assistant offers personalized self-service that delivers an experience customers prefer.
Customers converse with Nanorep through voice or text, and receive instant, accurate, and successful outcomes in a natural, human-like way.
Nanorep’s natural language technology enables to understand complex sentences, multi-string words, abbreviations, slang, misspellings, fragments, and all things that make up a real human conversation. It also uses dynamic decision trees to ensure that customers’ queries get resolved. All this is done whilst maintaining a natural conversation cadence to deliver customer service without interruption or pause.


Enhanced with auto-complete and multi-language capabilities, the advanced NLP algorithm combines with Nanorep’s patented Contextual-Answers™ technology to deliver the most relevant and context-based information to your customers and internal user. Designed to be autonomous, intelligent and engaging, our virtual customer assistant ensures your customer service and support will never be the same. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of the solution, and provides a conversational interface for natural, human-like interactions.
Easily alternate between channels, transitioning between chatbots and chat agents as necessary while maintaining the conversation, preserving context, and enriching the live chat with knowledge to reduce average handle time.
Your customers expect personalized customer service and a smooth digital journey. Nanorep’s intelligent virtual assistant provides a seamless, omni-channel customer experience. We made it easy for you so you can make it easy for them.
Provide AI-enabled assisted self-service to customers 24/7.

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