Self-Service Experience That Wins Customers

Maximize conversion and reduce support load by providing personalized answers for every question‬


Win Customers

Put the power of contextual knowledge in your customer's hands and boost your conversion and customer satisfaction.

Decide Smarter

Get powerful real-time insights on your customers and products. Learn what's on your customers' minds when making a purchase decision. 

Empower Agents

Give your customers a seamless escalation path and your agents the tools to provide outstanding customer service.

Web Self-Service

Win Customers Intelligent self-service helps your customers to accomplish their goals in the easiest and most efficient way.
  • Q&A Search - accurate, multilingual, predictive, contextual - the right answer for every user
  • 24/7 Instant Answers - on web, mobile & Facebook
  • Real-time dynamic FAQ, for support and product pages
  • Proactive detection of high-value customers, and seamless escalation to live agents
  • Easy setup with full customization options

Voice of the Customer

Decide SmarterKnow your customers intimately - real-time insights on top topics and hot trends power reports, SEO content, and drive smart marketing and campaigns decisions.
  • Conversion increase tracking, with actionable data.
  • Learn the top topics leading to conversions.
  • Reports on user behavior including trends and hot topics.
  • Detect underperforming pages, products and answers.
  • Conversion funnels with user behavior analysis.

Agent Escalation

Empower Agents An intelligent solution that escalates only the right inquiries and allows your agents to provide faster, more precise answers via email and chat by automatically learning and suggesting answers.
  • Learns to repeat agents' answers and automatically suggests replies to agents
  • Integrated Live Chat - simpler, better experience for your agents & customers.
  • Automatically push high-level inquiries to agents and control what stays in self-service.
  • Advanced SLA tracking, Rules and Queue Management.

 Knowledge Base

Online Retailers

Contextual Q&As on each product page
Easily generate general or per product FAQs
Increase conversion rates & shopping cart value
Reduce abandonment & shopper confusion

Web Services

Allow fast growth with minimal resources
Dynamically generate an SEO enabled support center
24/7 Customer engamegent with accurate instant answers
Boost customer conversion, satisfaction and brand loyalty
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