nanorep Customer Support Solutions

nanorep provides a superb customer service experience for over 30 million online users, allowing our customers to see higher customer satisfaction rates and better engagement. As a result, our customers experience a boost in online performance and revenues.

Our customer support solution and digital customer assistant help customers interact with your brand via self-service widgets across several channels. This not only solves customer service and customer support challenges, but also allows marketing and sales teams to drive up engagement and online conversion. In addition, nanorep provides valuable customer intelligence and drives management to make customer centric decisions.


Engage your online traffic and increase conversion with easy access to relevant information on any page and at any step of the conversion funnel.
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Customer Service

Improve online customer service and scalability with higher efficiency due to automation and reduction of human intervention only when needed.
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Sales / eCommerce

Generate more online sales with better customer experience and much higher live agents' productivity by allowing them to focus only on high-level interactions.
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Solutions by Industry

Whatever your business does, nanorep offers a solution designed especially for your market and your online goals and needs.
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Proven Success for Various Types of Businesses

With clients from a wide array of industries who trust nanorep as their powerful customer support solution, nanorep's digital customer assistant answers millions of questions instantly every day, transforming the customer experience, increasing website conversion while reducing support costs for various businesses such as IKEA, MTV, LivePerson,, Trusteer, Waze, My Heritage, Thomas Cook, WIX and many more.
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