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Understanding Customer Data Analytics and Analysis

Understanding Customer Data Analytics and Analysis

May 26 2016

In the world of customer experience, we often hear people discussing the various uses and advantages of customer data analytics. The term generally refers to the process of using data and information surrounding customer behavior to make business decisions and it usually involves techniques that include predictive modeling, data visualization, and information management.

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Best Customer Service Examples

Best Customer Service Experience Examples

May 25 2016

Get inspired by the power of strong customer service. These stories are over the top, however it's just as important to deliver the "always there" service from any channel, any touch point and any screen that consistently supports your customers and answers their questions.

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Fear Not the Service Bot

Fear Not the Service Bot

May 19 2016

Bots are the topic of today and for good reason. For some, Facebook’s announcement marked the first time bots had entered the customer service discussion. For others, bots have been a technology that always bore potential, but never the distribution to really be a mainstream channel. That is until Facebook decided to open their Messenger platform to Bot developers.

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Experts reveal important tips to reduce call volume

58 Customer Service Experts and Call Center Managers Reveal their Most Important Tips for Reducing Call Center Volume

May 11 2016

Call centers are often one of the most bustling hubs of a business, serving as the central point of contact between customers and the company. Call center agents handle myriad tasks from helping customers navigate the purchase process to technical product troubleshooting.

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Proactive Customer Engagement

A Customer Centric Approach Needs Proactive Customer Engagement

May 05 2016

Proactive customer engagement is the process of using social media and other channels to engage with existing and prospective customers. The goal of this approach is to head off potential problems that contribute to customer churn, solve challenges, and meet needs with relevant content and interactions that increase customer loyalty and drive business results.

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Mobile Tools for a Better Customer Experience

Mobile Tools for Better Customer Experience

Apr 28 2016

With the whole world going mobile, and omni channel retail solutions being all the rage, it’s important for businesses to cater to every aspect of a customer’s mobile experience. From adopting mobile marketing strategies to optimizing your website for mobile use to streamlining mobile customer service, there are a lot of ways to offer customer support and enhance customer service through mobile solutions. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of best-in-class tools to keep your mobile customers engaged:

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online virtual chat bot

The Future of Customer Service Will See Us Talking with Virtual Chatbots

Apr 21 2016

On April 12th of this year, Facebook announced that they are launching their Messenger platform which allows developers to build chat bots for their Messenger application. Chatbot platforms are not necessarily a new concept, but Facebook’s announcement may be the siren call that ushers in the era of customer service chat bots.

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What’s Trending in CRM Technology

What’s Trending in CRM Technology

Apr 14 2016

In today’s technology fueled world, trends shift rather quickly. Technology is advancing at a break-neck pace and what was popular last month may be out of style today. The future is tough to predict and even the experts can be caught by surprise. In most cases, however, it’s possible to see what’s on the horizon and at the end of the day it may prove to be the difference between you and the competition.

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What Is a Self-Learning Knowledge Base?

Why Self-Learning Knowledge Bases are the Future of Customer Service

Apr 07 2016

A self-learning knowledge base is often found to be a key component of enterprise level self-service solutions. Leading knowledge base technologies use machine learning algorithms to automatically collect customer queries, learn from representatives’ responses, and continuously expand the knowledge base over time.

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What is Customer Experience Management?

Why You Should Care About Customer Experience Management

Mar 31 2016

Shopping is an integral part of our lives. Whether shopping for clothes, for food, or even shopping while on vacation, we do it on a daily basis. As a creature of habit, I usually frequent the places I know, where it feels like they also know me. Whether it’s the design of the interior, the employees who know my name, or even the store’s stated official policies, there’s something about familiarity that enhances the shopping experience.

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How to Make A Customer Service Manager’s Life a Breeze

How to Make A Customer Service Manager’s Life a Breeze

Mar 24 2016

Being a Customer Service Manager is challenging to say the least. You experience the full force of rage when your company fails to meet a customer’s expectations, whether it’s your fault or not. At the same time, your boss expects you to keep smiling and projecting a friendly and helpful persona in order to put the best face forward for the brand.

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49 Customer Experience and Marketing Pros Reveal Their Favorite Examples of Great Customer Service and Customer Experience

Mar 18 2016

Every company wants to provide exceptional customer experiences and top-notch customer service. But what exactly does great customer service look like? What are the elements of a fantastic customer experience? Obviously, meeting (better yet, exceeding) customer expectations is the surest path to customer satisfaction.

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3 Approaches to Customer Service

3 Approaches to Customer Service that Every Business Should Consider

Mar 10 2016

No two companies do customer service the same way. Functioning under a B2B or B2C model, the number of employees and the platform where your target audience spends most of its time, are all factors which should alter the way your company offers support. In order to choose the best persona to fit the type customer experience your clients expect from you, you first have to know your options and choose the best for the given situation.

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Tips for Connecting Online and Offline Experiences

Amazon's First Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore: Tips for Connecting Online and Offline Experiences

Mar 03 2016

Our online and offline experiences have officially merged with the opening of Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the first of 300 stores expected in the near future. The message is loud and clear – people are not giving up their shopping experience at a physical store for online shopping.

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What to Consider When Exploring Virtual Agent Software

Intelligent Digital Service:
What to Consider When
Exploring Virtual Agent Software

Feb 25 2016

If we look around to see how the digital age is taking over, we’ll see that customers are choosing self-service over every other channel. Without the adaptable characteristics of live human interaction, how does customer service accommodate this new trend? There are hundreds if not thousands of solution options out there that address this rising trend, and over the last five years, virtual agents have been among the more popular of them. There are some advantages to this software, but there are also drawbacks. It is important to take a few factors into consideration when looking at virtual agents to meet your self-service needs.

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E-Commerce Customer Experience: 50 Examples of Great CX

Customer Experience:
50 Examples of Great CX

Feb 18 2016

Think about the last time you shopped online. Was there a certain site you chose because it made the shopping experience so seamless? Was there a site that frustrated you that you chose another site to make your purchase? Great customer experience can make or break an online shopping experience, and ecommerce sites that offer great customer experiences are leaving those that frustrate customers in the dust.

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An Open Letter to Adobe

An Open Letter to Adobe

Feb 11 2016

Adobe's incredible history of innovation cannot be denied or ignored. Having started off designing fonts, the founders of Adobe quickly rose to create some of the most utilized creativity software the world has ever known. Adobe has become synonymous with design and creativity and sits atop their perch without much competition in a variety of software applications. Their support, however, leaves something to be desired and so I've prepared an open letter to let them know how I feel:

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When the Walking Knowledge Base Walks Away

When the Walking Knowledge Base Walks Away

Feb 04 2016

Your ‘Walking KBs’ are your most valuable employees. Don’t let them walk away or ‘push’ them to the competition. Treat their time with the utmost respect. There are great digital guidance solutions that will enhance productivity and allow for efficient allocation of resources while providing excellent customer service.

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50 Best Customer Service Blogs/Resources

50 Best Customer Service Blogs/Resources

Jan 26 2016

We've rounded up some of the best blogs and online resources in customer service from top executives and thought leaders, to help you reach your customer service goals in 2016. These are our top picks for customer service blog posts, eBooks, white papers, infographics, videos, and webinars where experts share experiences, proven strategies, and tips for improving your customer service and delivering exceptional customer experience.

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What Is Self-Service Software

What Is Self-Service Software?

Jan 21 2016

Self-service software delivers electronic support so that customers can access answers, information, and help online without interacting with a service representative. Essentially, self-service software puts customers in control of their own service experience.

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An open letter to ASOS

An open letter to ASOS

Jan 14 2016

Your current system is really great but there is always room for improvement - and nanorep exists for that exact purpose. It is certain that ASOS + nanorep would make a winning team. This dynamic duo would give the hard working support team the tools that they need to be even more attentive to the customers that require it.

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Customer Service Solutions for an Online Business

Customer Service Solutions for an Online Business

Jan 07 2016

Having great customer service is an integral part of surviving in the world of online business. At the same time, attending to the needs of a diverse customer-base is tough, but the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks. By employing these simple tactics, you can build the trust, respect, and loyalty that will lead to successful business relationships for years to come.

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100Million Guided Interactions

Ringing in the New Year with 100 Million Guided Interactions!

Dec 31 2015

nanorep reaches 100Million guided interactions. As we enter 2016, we would like to wish everyone a joyous and successful new year! May your digital experiences be personalized, your interactions be guided, and may all of them happen with nanorep.

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Knowledge Management

5 Ways Good Knowledge Management Can Perform Customer Experience Miracles

Dec 24 2015

What makes a great customer service experience? It may be easier to answer this question if we look at what makes a poor customer service experience. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 82% of customers consider accuracy and quality of information to be the most important attribute of the customer experience. Whatever channel your customers use to engage you, they expect their questions to be understood and to receive answers that will resolve their issues. In many cases, they also expect this to happen with a certain level of immediacy.

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Customer Service Secrets

3 Secrets that Encourage Customer Retention

Dec 17 2015

The ways in which you address your customer base will have a huge impact on how long they’ll remain loyal to your brand. While an amazing website and a well-crafted business model can help you draw customers to your brand, it is your transparency, your consistent branding, and your customer care funnel, that will keep them for years and years.

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Customer Loyalty - Why it Must be in Your Focus

Customer Loyalty - Why Must it be in Your Focus?

Dec 10 2015

Customer Loyalty is gained by meeting much more than just your customer’s market needs. Loyalty is about going above and beyond to provide them with personal and in depth care. Customers will return to you time-and-time again if you can empathize with their pain points and offer industry solutions that they can rely on for the rest of their lives.

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Personalizing the Customer Service Experience

A Matter of Convenience: Personalizing the Customer Service Experience

Dec 03 2015

With all of the advances we’ve seen over the last decade, people have grown more confident interacting with technology and that has translated into higher internet sales and new consumer behavior patterns. What was once a format primarily used for standard communication has evolved into a personal experience - from information to convenience.

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2016 Trends: Immediate Results in the Digital Journey

2016 Trends: Immediate Results in the Digital Journey

Nov 26 2015

Remember the last time you opened up a live chat and waited to be assisted by a virtual agent? What you may remember best is ...lag time and lack of relevant information. Most, if not all, of your clients simply don't have the time it takes to wait for precise information from virtual agents. When planning your Customer Experience Strategy, you should be considering the following

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Planning Your Digital Customer Service Strategy

Planning your Digital Customer Service Strategy? Don’t make these 5 Terrible Mistakes

Oct 28 2015

The majority of customer service initiatives are natural side effects of running a successful company with a user-friendly website and strong communication in person and online. The fact is that good customer service is an accumulation of doing everything right and exceptional customer service is a result of going beyond with constant UX tracking, heat mapping and constant perfecting.

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Salesforce implementation with nanorep

Empower your Agents to Work Smarter with nanorep for Salesforce

Aug 31 2015

nanorep's integration with Salesforce empowers your agents with self-service for easy knowledge base searches and optimization to ensure that your customers get the right answers, every time.

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10 Customer Service Stats

10 Customer Service Stats You Won't Believe

Aug 06 2015

Customer service trends are moving in a very distinct direction - self-service. It's not just our opinion, but it's showing in every new study coming out. Read these 10 surprising stats about customer service.

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Self-service Future of Customer Care

The Future of Customer Care is Self-Service Tools

Jul 30 2015

Self-service tools aren't merely a knowledge base widget, they are self-learning, automatically optimizing and personally escorting your customers through more high-touch issues.

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Improve Engagement with Knowledge Base Software

5 Ways Knowledge Base Software Improves Customer Engagement

Jul 15 2015

The right knowledge base software will improve customer engagement, upgrade the customer experience and impact conversion as well as satisfaction. Still not sold? Read these 5 ways that KB software can reinvent your site experience.

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6 Self-Service Pilfalls

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid with Self-Service Tools

Jul 01 2015

Yes! You do need self-service, but before you get ahead of yourself, please take the time to learn about these 6 pitfalls you should try hard to avoid.

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Ask nanorep for Zendesk

How to Increase Agent Productivity in Zendesk

Jun 15 2015

nanorep has just released a solution in the Zendesk app marketplace for agent-facing self-service. Learn how you can integrate Zendesk with nanorep for increased agent produtivity, CSAT and more.

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Optimizing Self-Service

5 Secrets to Get the Most Out of Self-Service

Jun 15 2015

There are a few secrets to making your self-service reach it's highest potential, and one of our Senior Customer Service Managers let's you in on some sure fire ways to easily optimize your nanorep digital customer assistant.

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Crowdsource Millennials

How to Crowdsource Millennial Customer Service

May 19 2015

Ecommerce faces the challenge of delivering an "always-on" customer experience (driving by Millennials' behavior) while keeping costs minimal. Self-service helps bridge this gap.

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How to Develop Customers for Life

7 Ways to Develop Customers for Life

May 12 2015

Enjoy this guest post by Angela Weber-Hahnsberg, the VP of Content Development for Marketing Zen. Here are the 7 ways to make your customers loyal for life.

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Customer Service Impacts Your Business

How Good Customer Service Benefits Your Business

May 04 2015

Customer service can have a direct impact on conversions and ultimately your bottom line. By providing relevant, contextual information throughout the entire customer journey, you can help eliminate cart abandonment and decision paralysis.

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Ways to measure customer experience

How to Measure Customer Experience

Apr 26 2015

There are a few tried and true tools in the industry that can give a pretty accurate measurement of customer experience. Learn which are right for your customer care program.

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Customer Satisfaction Importance

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Apr 16 2015

Satisfying your customers leads to retention, which drives profits and the ultimate lifetime value of your customers. Learn how to increase customer satisfaction with self-service.

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Take nanorep's self-service quiz

Take the Self-Service Quiz

Apr 02 2015

Wondering how your self-service measures up? We have put together a great self-service infographic to help you check yourself.

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How to Measure Customer Service

Mar 30 2015

Although many organizations recognize the value of setting up metrics for measuring customer service, many have not done it. Learn 7 of the most important KPIs for great customer service and happy customers.

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how to retain customers nanorep

How to Retain Customers

Mar 16 2015

Learn how to retain customers to not only increase customer satisfaction, but have a major impact on your bottom line. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%.

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How to Measure Customer Service

Ways to Improve Customer Service

Mar 03 2015

Customer service can make or break your bottom line. Customers expect an effortless experience when engaging with your brand for support, answers and issue resolution. Here are 8 important tactics you should implement for a killer customer service strategy.

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User Interface Best Practices

Feb 18 2015

There is a difference between a "good" interface and a "great" interface. By paying attention to details and your customers experience expectations, you can create a UI that will delight your customers while getting the actions you desire.

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Help Desk Best Practices

Help Desk Best Practices

Feb 11 2015

Learn some practical tips to make the most of your Help Desk. Good customer service doesn't solely rely on Help Desk, but deflects low urgency repetitive questions with a digital customer assistant.

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How to Write an FAQ Page

Feb 08 2015

Creating a killer FAQ page is the most elementary step in giving your customers the service they deserve. Help your visitors find the answers they need by presenting you knowledge base in a way that is easy to understand

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Are You Valuing Your Customers' Time?

Feb 02 2015

Today's customers are all about saving time and keeping their interactions with your company as friction-less as possible. Learn to value their time and learn to keep your customers coming back.

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Increase Website Conversions nanorep

How to Increase Website Conversion

Jan 29 2015

Learn how to increase website conversion with testing and content optimization. Self-service engagement platforms present relevant offers to questions.

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nanorep travel industry mobile customers

How to Win Travelers’ Next Mobile Moment

Jan 22 2015

Self-service can seriously impact the travel industry by allowing customers to resolve most issues via mobile. With the many checklists travelers must consider when traveling, having instant resolutions from any touch point adds a lot of ease to the experience.

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5 Customer Care Cautionary Tales by nanorep

5 Customer Care Cautionary Tales

Jan 12 2015

Everyone has a few whoppers to share when it comes to terrible customer service stories. Check out these five customer care cautionary tales and don't let your brand become a statistic.

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10 Changes to Make in 2015

The 10 Customer Service Changes to Make in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jan 01 2015

2015 is upon us and now is the perfect time to take proper stock of your customer care plan and make the necessary changes for great success this year.

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Introducing Generation Y - blog post

Generation Y, The Convenience Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dec 23 2014

To effectively engage with Millenials, you need a customer service plan that is personalized, direct and including many touchpoints. Learn the right engagement strategy for this emerging customer base with this infographic.

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VIDEO: Drive Customer Loyalty

VIDEO - Thinking is Bad, Drive Customer Loyalty by Simplifying Your Service Experience

Dec 15 2014

Jim Tincher, author of Heart of the Customer, hosted a webinar sharing how to drive customer loyalty. How hard is it to be your customer? There is a direct correlation with customer effort and a decrease in loyalty. Time to simplify.

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20 Brands on Twitter

20 Top Brands Are Put to the Test on Twitter

Nov 18 2014

Social media is a very important channel for customer service. Nowadays,anything less than an expedient, personal response to your customers is a loss. Read how 20 UK brands fared on the Twitter customer service test.

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Right tone in customer service

The Risk of Wrongful Tone in Customer Service

Nov 09 2014

In successful customer care it's just as important to answer with the appropriate tone as it is to answer with the correct answer. Learn how to tailor your live and automated responses to ensure that you leave your customers feeling satisfied.

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Travel Made Easy with nanorep Technology

Jun 02 2014

nanorep's digital customer assistant offers many inherent benefits to the travel industry including greater customer satisfaction due to improved experience and deflection.

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The Business Value of Self Service

The Business Value of Self Service

Apr 23 2014

To the unsuspecting observer, self-service may mistakenly be perceived as a hands-off approach to customer service. Fortunately, self-service is anything but as it provides customers with maximum efficiency and personalization. nanorep explores the business value of self-service.

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The Role of Effective Customer Service in Sales

The Role of Effective Customer Service in Sales

Apr 02 2014

A recently released study by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business confirms what many in the customer service industry have been saying for a long time: good service sells. The survey determines that good customer service and not price or quality alone affects purchasing decision.

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Why Customers Love Self-Service

Why Customers Love Self-Service

Mar 25 2014

Customer self-service functionality is great for eCommerce sites, but customers are the ones who really benefit from nanorep’s innovative technology. Learn about the latest and greatest in self-service solutions.

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SEO enabled Customer Support Center

The SEO-Enabled Support Center

Mar 12 2014

naonRep introduces the SEO-enabled support center for great self-service customer support while maximizing search engine visibility and incoming traffic.

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nanoRep ticketing System

The nanorep Ticketing System

Feb 17 2014

Bolster your efficiency and work performance with the nanoRep ticketing system. This intuitive agent tool boosts your customer support software performance.

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Customer Service in the Age of the Internet of Things

Customer Service for the Internet of Things

Feb 06 2014

The Internet of Things brings new ways of communication channels to the growing demand for instant customer service. How could brands deal with those changes and what does it mean in terms of the technology.

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FAQ Software

What Exactly is FAQ Software?

Jan 13 2014

Self-service solutions like FAQs present many advantages both to customers and business. But in today's fast moving and demanding customer experience, it has to be more dynamic and adaptive to bring real value.

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Instant Gratification and Customer Satisfaction

Instant Gratification and Customer Satisfaction

Jan 07 2014

Instant gratification and customer satisfaction rarely co-exist, but with customer service experience in the form of rapid, reliable and relevant responses to all customer queries the chances increase dramatically.

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Social Q&A

Social Q&A or Leveraging Expert Answers

Dec 23 2013

eCommerce sites utilize social Q&A to boost ROI, reduce abandonment and enhance the customer experience, but an improved Web self-service solution that learns experts' (not users) answers and automatically repeats them fits even better.

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Increase sales

How to Boost Average Sale Price by 50%

Nov 20 2013

One of the main reasons for not purchasing and cart abandonment is lack of information. Learn how your customer service experience can positively affect eCommerce conversion rates and increase value for every purchase.

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customer support search engine

What is The Best Search Engine for Helping Your Customers

Nov 06 2013

Search engine technologies evolved to offer different types of searches according to purpose and the type of end user it serves. Before you make a decision about implementing a search solution you should understand your needs and goals first.

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customer analytics

Increase Sales With Your Customer Service Analytics

Oct 24 2013

nanorep customer analytics brings important insights for the marketing and sales departments, as well as to the customer service & support teams. This allows any organization to make better decisions and increase performance.

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virtual agents alternative

How nanorep is Better Than Virtual Agents

Oct 09 2013

Virtual Agents promised to be the future of customer service in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. However, due to some fundamental drawbacks they didn't deliver that promise which lead to smarter solutions such as nanoRep.

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self-service support

The nanorep Self-Service Customer Support Innovation

Sep 29 2013

Customer service and support is a crowded space with numerous software vendors and various types of solutions, but nanorep brings a unique solution designed to solve many traditional challenges. Learn about nanorep's self-service innovation and why it is more efficient than other solutions.

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increase conversion rates

How to Increase Conversion With Customer Service Experience

Sep 09 2013

The ultimate goal of any eCommerce business and online retailer is getting their conversion rate as high as possible. Learn how improving the customer service experience with web self-service tools can immediately boost website's engagement and increase product page conversion rate.

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knowledge base software

How to Maximize Customer Service with a Knowledge Base

Aug 28 2013

Your online business’ success is dependent on the customer experience you are delivering and your knowledge base is a key to providing great customer experience. Customers expect to get the right information at the right time without having to wait for a reply. These are they most important elements your knowledge base should include.

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customer service trends

Top 4 Customer Service Trends for 2013

Aug 15 2013

Customer service becomes the key differentiator that affects customer buying decision. So employing exceptional customer service is a must for staying competitive, especially online. Learn what are the key trends in customer service this year that your company must embrace.

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customer service for the holidays

How to Prepare Online Customer Service for the Holidays

Aug 01 2013

It is no secret that during the holiday season retailers experience a huge increase in traffic and demand. Join us for this free webinar and learn how you could maximize online sales and customer satisfaction during the holiday season by sustaining a high level of customer service regardless of the seasonal growth in incoming inquiries or tickets.

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6 Things Your eCommerce Product Page Must Have

Jul 29 2013

The significant of each of your eCommerce product pages has grown tremendously in the past few years. As a result, the quality of the page, including the content and the customer experience are extremely important to get customers to your website and to generate sales. Here are six things which every eCommerce product page must include.

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online customer service

4 Tips to Improve Online Customer Service

Jul 11 2013

It is no secret that the quality of your customer service has huge impact on your sales, so what can we do in order to improve the online customer service? Here are four quick tips on making our customers feel welcome and help them easily find the information they need.

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The Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience & Customer Service

Jun 19 2013

Omni-Channel Retailing is an evolution of multi-channel retailing which puts emphasis on a seamless approach to the customer experience through all available shopping channels. Multi-channel shoppers spend 15% to 30% more than those who use only one channel, so the benefit of aligning customer service and experience on all channels is obvious.

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Why Every Retailer Needs a Mobile Presence

Jun 05 2013

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is expanding very fast as consumers increasingly own more smartphones and feel more comfortable shopping on their smartphones. This translates into 71% increase in mobile commerce revenue which is why retailers cannot ignore the need to provide good mobile shopping experience.

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How Responsive is Your Customer Service?

How Responsive is Your Customer Service?

May 27 2013

As the technology advances and the world moves faster, our attention spans as consumers are declining. Businesses must catch our attention quickly and reply to customer interactions immediately so they are not lost. Is Your Customer Service adjusted for today's short user attention span?

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Why Your Customers Need to Trust Your Website

Why Your Customers Need to Trust Your Website

May 20 2013

While price is obviously important for making online purchase decisions, shoppers are increasingly looking for more reliable brands and websites that deliver both entertaining and secure shopping experiences. So retailers need to focus on creating a trustworthy environment via their customer service and shopping experience.

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Align Your Customer Experience Across All Channels

Align Your Customer Experience Across All Channels

May 02 2013

Companies that engage with their customers via different channels have more loyal customers who spend 20%-40% more. Learn how to provide the same high-level customer service on all your online channels such as your website, Facebook page, and mobile website.

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Customer Engagement for Forex SEO

Improving SEO with Customer Engagement

Apr 22 2013

The push to rank in the top ten Google search results has always been intense. But focusing only on SEO and other pre-click marketing is not good enough anymore. In order to get high rankings, the post-click performance such as customer engagement and conversion rates has to be good as well.

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From Mass Marketing to Behavioral Targeting & Service

The Importance of Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Apr 07 2013

In the world of multi-channel retail, improving loyalty means giving customers an exceptional customer experience, so more internet retailers open physical stores as “showrooms” so their customers can evaluate the products and develop brand recognition.

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From Mass Marketing to Behavioral Targeting & Service

Converting online visitors through customer service

Mar 18 2013

Online retailers make large investments in developing great websites, but in order to convert traffic to actual sales it is essential to understand the drive behind online purchasing decisions and the importance in customer service to achieving it.

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From Mass Marketing to Behavioral Targeting & Service

From Mass Marketing to Behavioral Targeting & Service

Mar 05 2013

In the “Mad Men” era businesses used mass marketing to sell to a general audience, but today they use niche targeting and even behavioral targeting to differentiate within your niche further and get better results.

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How great customer service can lead to more online revenues

How Great Customer Service Can Lead to More Online Revenues

Feb 26 2013

It is no secret that online sales are constantly growing. In 2012 e-commerce sales grew 21% to top $1 trillion for the first time. One of the reasons for this growth is the constant improvement in customer experience & customer service.

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need for customer satisfaction

Online Customer Service Tips for Targeting Older Buyers

Jan 28 2013

Baby Boomers and senior citizens are using the Internet at ever-increasing rates. Nearly 20% of senior citizens buy groceries on the Internet and that almost 25% purchase vacations online. So what do you need to do on your site not to miss out on this greatest purchasing power. After all, Baby Boomers are the generation with the greatest purchasing power. If you do not market to them (assuming your product or service is relevant) in the optimal way and ensure that your customer service solution is responsive to their needs, you will miss out on a potentially-lucrative audience.

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need for customer satisfaction

12 Social-Media Networking Tips

Sep 06 2012

As Summit approaches in Denver, Colorado, the nanoRep team is hard at work preparing the snazziest and most fun booth yet! Though the event isn’t for another week, our sales and marketing team is working hard to network up a storm before the exciting 3-day trade show. We’ve come up with a list of 12 social media networking tips – before, during and after the event to guarantee a successful and productive trip to Denver.

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customer satisfaction results

Customer-Satisfaction Results and the U.S. Economy

Sep 03 2012

Americans have higher customer satisfaction results with online retail likely because customer service on the Web – when done correctly – is extremely quick and efficient. In physical stores, people must wait in line, talk with a clerk who is almost always being interrupted, and then wait for an answer while he discusses the issue with a manager. The minutes can feel like hours.

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Quality Customer Satisfaction and Question Identification

Aug 21 2012

Quality customer satisfaction is no longer just about answering questions after the purchase has been completed – as more and more transactions are occur online, customer support is now part of the sales process itself. And you cannot provide this essential service unless you know first what questions your potential customers will have.

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Total Customer Satisfaction with SEO Benefits for You

Aug 20 2012

Today, in the Web 2.0 and forthcoming Web 3.0 (semantic) worlds, two important things (among others) have changed – both the user experience and search-engine optimization (SEO) tactics. When you design or revamp a business website, you now need to keep total customer satisfaction in mind – and your “customers” now are both those who pay for your product or service as well as Google itself. A better customer experience online will help your SEO, and SEO will bring more leads to your website from Google Search. Both factors influence and affect each other.

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Customer-Satisfaction Factors and Performance

Aug 08 2012

What are the customer-satisfaction factors that will determine whether your company will succeed or fail? Unless you know exactly what your clients expect of your website – as well as from your firm as a whole – then it will be largely impossible to meet those expectations.

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Sell More Online in Your Sales Funnel

Jul 29 2012

If a potential customer finds good, immediate answers to questions at any step in the sales funnel, then he or she will be much more likely to advance to the next stage – and then, in the end, make a purchase. After all, every unanswered question raises a “red flag” – a doubt in the person’s mind that may subconsciously cause him or her to leave the website without making a purchase.

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reduce support costs

How to Reduce Support Costs to Increase Your Profits

Jul 18 2012

Instead of relying on the latest management theories and best practices, the best way to reduce support costs is to minimize the amount of support that potential and current customers need in the first place. An efficient support department might cut the cost of a phone call from $6 to $2 – but eliminating the call altogether reduces the cost from $6 to $0.

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How Chat Integration Can Save You Money

Jul 12 2012

By integrating online chat with an extensive, self-learning knowledge base, your company can easily save on the expensive costs of having a live representative answering each and every question on your website. Learn more in this post

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How Much is a Customer-Support Salary?

Jul 05 2012

A customer-support engineer at Cisco, depending on his level, makes between $50,000 and $144,000 a year. A customer-support specialist at SuccessFactors earns roughly $55,000. Throughout the United States, the average customer-support salary is $54,000. And that cost is before payroll taxes, health insurance, and benefits.

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Achieve Customer Satisfaction with Company Culture

Jul 03 2012

Customer satisfaction is the "sum" of experiences that your customers and clients have when dealing with your company. To achieve customer satisfaction, your support department must change its culture and the way it interacts with people online. This way, both your customers and your company will win.

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Improve Customer Experience with a New Knowledge-Base System

Jun 28 2012

nanorep’s self-learning knowledge-base system deflects 90% of repetitive customer-support emails and web inquiries.

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Measures of Customer Satisfaction- Online vs. In-Store

May 15 2012

Half of online customer feedback comes from those that bought products in store, according to Bazaar voice’s Conversation Index. The report, which is based on more than 11m pieces of user-generated content created over the past three to six months, also found that these shoppers prove to be less satisfied with the products they purchased than those who buy online.

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Finance Firms Looking for Value in Software-Support Systems

May 15 2012

Web chat, instant messaging and online self service increasingly on the agenda as reducing costs seen as more important than improving the customer experience

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A Dramatic Change in Customer Service Calls

Apr 01 2012

With a renewed focus on delivering higher quality and more efficient customer interactions, many companies are now bringing their contact center positions back- home… literally. Recent findings from Ovum, a leading research and consulting firm, indicate that less than 5% of enterprises in North America, Western Europe and Australia are planning to offshore their contact centers over the coming 2 years, while the leading virtual home providers are growing in excess of 50%.

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Delivering a Good Customer Experience that Counts

Mar 18 2012

Customer experience' is one of those amorphous terms that is increasingly used in the corporate language nowadays. Increasing your customers experience is about feelings and the goal is to reach your customers heart.

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How a Self-Learning System Prevents Email Overload

Dec 08 2011

Growing company that answers 100% of its incoming emails must continuously hire more agents resulting in increased expenses with less profit. Most of the incoming queries are repetitive questions which become very boring for the agents, resulting in 8-12 months job turnaround, with lost of knowhow when agents leave. How can you adress your business growth more effectively?

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Virtual Agent Services vs. nanorep's Software

Nov 21 2011

Take a look at some of the key differences between nanorep and Virtual Agent Solutions. Is self-service the right solution for you?

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How a Hosted Contact Center Can Help Your Business

Sep 11 2011

One of the initial attractions of hosted contact centers is their affordable cost structure. In sharp contrast to on-premises solutions that require a steep capital expenditure, a hosted solution requires only a one-time set up fee plus a modest monthly per-seat price.

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Increasing Web Conversion Rate Is Your Top Priority

Aug 10 2011

Confusion is the number one reason people leave websites. If your site does not follow web standards or has a difficult-to-use interface, or does not clearly present the uniqueness of your product, many visitors will become frustrated and leave. Conversion Analysis

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How the Help-Desk Cloud Will Help Your Customer Support

Aug 04 2011

On-premises contact centers were once the only reliable choice for the enterprise, a necessary investment with no real alternatives. With the advent of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), this is no longer true. SaaS vendors have proven their ability to deliver measurable value, causing a permanent and fundamental shift in the way technology is delivered and managed.

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Why Your Web Support System Needs Social Media

Jul 28 2011

Social media platforms have seen an unprecedented growth in user numbers over the past 12 months with more people logging in every day than ever before. So how do you successfully create a customer support strategy for social media.

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Contact Center Research- On-Site Versus SaaS

Jul 12 2011

On-premise solutions are more expensive in the long term when software licenses and hardware costs are amortized due to the ongoing operating expenses of IT (staff, maintenance, support, upgrades to the system and hardware, security and reliable facilities with appropriate network and telephone connections).Hosted contact center solutions deliver the functionality of a multi-million dollar, on-premise solution for a low subscription fee. That fee is typically a fraction of the operating expense of on-premise solutions.

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Help Desk Tickets Should Be Replaced by Instant Answers

Jun 23 2011

s hard to satisfy customers if you don't understand them. However, you will win their loyalty if you let them ask their questions in free text and then accurately answer their questions in real-time. Their inquiry is your opportunity to convert them into loyal customers, and satisfied customers generally return for additional online purchases.

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Address Customer Expectations & Satisfaction to Help Sales

May 11 2011

Satisfied customers return for additional online purchases. Customers who enjoy a high quality shopping experience and get answers when they need them are more likely to become loyal customers, just as they will abandon the websites that do not provide an easy and immediate way to get their questions answered. Design your online support center to provide prompt and accessible answers to your customers…and most important…stand behind every answer you give.

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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction & Value

Apr 22 2011

As many of the people using social media are dissatisfied customers that express their dissatisfaction publically in a company’s Forum, companies need to get the necessary policies together for providing support over social media and also decide if that is the right place to have a customer support contact. Unfortunately, call center staffers aren’t always educated on their company’s other support options. In fact, often a completely different department has responsibility over the self-service website or the mobile support application, and nobody thought to train customer support reps on these technologies.

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Why You Should Answer Help-Desk Questions in 3 Seconds

Apr 13 2011

A fraction of a second, that's all you have when you're trying to sell a product online. The average time spent for a user to stay in a new site is 00:03 seconds.

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How to Reduce Enterprise Costs in Customer Support

Apr 05 2011

The essence of a SaaS product is not the technology itself, but in how that functionality is actually used. It’s the service, not the software. What you’re really buying is a relationship over time that will enable your company to consistently increase productivity and profitability.

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The New Customer-Satisfaction Model

Mar 11 2011

Customers have a new choice to cancel their SaaS subscription commitment when their support expectation fails. Consequently, sales do not own the customer relationship any longer. Professional customer support provided in real-time is the new owner of the customer relationship and that’s what nanorep is designed for.

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Answer the Need for Customer Satisfaction with nanorep

Mar 08 2011

A more energy-efficient workforce. Hosted contact centers have the ability to support agents working in local or home-based environments, thus contributing to less congestion and reduced carbon emissions.

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The New Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Feb 15 2011

Customer Support finally comes of age within the company, reinventing itself as an authentic profession. nanorep exposes your product value by providing professional answers to your customers’ question. That value, that outcome, not the code, is what the customer truly wants to buy, and will pay well for.

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The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Web Service Firms

Jan 20 2011

Web service companies have the highest viral growth potential among all the internet-based industries, provided they handle their customers' questions and concerns properly.

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Comparing Customer Support Costs

Dec 21 2010

The bigger the company, the higher the support cost. For example, a support call costs $7-$33 depending on your company size. If you're looking to decrease the heavy burden of support costs, just look for creative ways and technologies that will enable you to do it.

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Game Theory and Customer Satisfaction

Nov 10 2010

One of the studies brought in the book: The Game Theory by Roger B. Myerson teaches us about human behavior when dealing with money. Read this article and learn why customer satisfaction theory shows that people are easy to fire or understand than search engines

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Customer Satisfaction Service Quality & Shopping Carts

Oct 15 2010

How big of a problem is cart abandonment to you? Most statistics say that average cart abandonment reaches 70% of all filled carts. This figure rises in the run up to the holiday season. Last year from Labor Day through November 15, the number of online sales fell by almost 56 percent compared with the volume for the previous months, and shopping cart abandonment rates shot up, peaking at 83 percent.

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Customers Don't Ask a Help Desk or FAQ Page?

Oct 13 2010

Have you ever navigated through an FAQ page? We bet you didn't. In fact, 82% of heavy internet users testified that they have never used an FAQ page.

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High Customer Satisfaction- Support Centers vs. Web Forums

Sep 29 2010

Comparison between nanorep Support Center and Community Support Forum

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Reach Your Customer-Satisfaction Objectives with nanorep

Sep 28 2010

We'll take a look at how nanorep helps your Customer Support team

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